Kissing Has Many Benefits And Most People Aren’t Aware Of It

by Conscious Reminder

We, as human beings, all share kisses, whether they are romantic ones or kisses we share with someone that just matters to us. But, we rarely realize that with sharing kisses, we heal ourselves.

We should ask ourselves how many times during the day we kiss someone else. Do we kiss him or her often and also with love and affection, or do we just kiss him or her when it is needed?

Those of us who are not really free with kisses should probably start being right now because according to different professionals, kissing will not only be good and beneficial for us, but it will be beneficial for our health and well-being.

Kisses can have many healing properties and help with different kinds of ailments.

These are the twelve benefits of kissing that many of us don’t know:

Kisses boost our immune systems.

Kisses may cause our immune systems to boost, in that way preventing diseases. With the introduction of new bacteria inside us, we are going to become quite immune to it, in that way making our own bodies powerhouses against certain diseases.

Kisses help us always choose right.

In fact, kisses will help us to assess our friends, and always pick the appropriate person. Kissing permits us to see someone, to hear them and feel them as well.

Kisses make us quite more alert.

As they stimulate our noradrenaline and adrenaline, kisses will make us feel quite more alert. As our heart rate will increase, together with the blood flow, every effect will be much better than the use of caffeine.

Kissing creates connections.

Oxytocin is the hormone which makes us connect with other people, and through sharing kisses, we release it, and we immediately feel connected or bonded to others. Kissing even forges bonds which other affections don’t.   

Kisses will lessen our tendencies toward allergic reactions.

One allergist, during 2016, studied about 24 patients and discovered that the bodies of these patients were quite less prone to allergic reactions within 30 minutes of kissing.

Kisses improve our oral health.

We should all know that kissing is really good for the microbiota. When these are imbalanced or even low on diversities, exchanging saliva will be quite helpful, because it will improve our dental health too.

Kisses will relieve stress.

When we feel stressed, we should kiss someone. According to studies, when we feel stressed, kissing someone will provide a sense of peace and comfort, which will relieve stress for sure.

Kissing will lower our blood pressure.

While we are kissing, our blood vessels may become dilated, and this will help our blood flow. Moreover, our levels of cortisol are lower, affecting our blood pressure too.

Kisses sooth the pain.

Because of the increased flow of the blood, kisses may also help in alleviating pain. When we have headaches or menstrual cramps, we should kiss someone, because according to studies, kissing helps.

Kisses will increase self-esteem.

Besides that we will feel less stressed and happier, kisses will improve our self-esteem too. According to a study from 2016, the participants who were feeling stressed and unhappy had higher cortisol. In fact, kisses lower this chemical.

Kisses make the muscles strong.

Although we all work out in order to make those abs tight, facial fitness is also really important. In fact, kisses use about thirty facial muscles which keep our cheeks tight and nice.

Kisses lower the levels of cholesterol.

With the reduction of stress, kisses may also cause some improvements on certain physiological parameters which stress exacerbates, and such parameter is cholesterol.

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