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Is Your Punctuality Decided By Your Zodiac Sign?

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by Conscious Reminder

All of us are deeply related to our Zodiac sign. We have all been astounded at how closely they match with your personality. Cancers can be really emotional, while Leos can be proud but honest.

Sagittarius can be quick to make or take a joke. We are ruled by our zodiac signs. So is it really a farfetched idea to think that they also rule our time-management skills? I think not!

It’s clear that some people are naturally punctual and others find it a mortal sin to be on time. There must be something deeper that comes into play, right? Astrologers agree with you. It’s common astrological knowledge that your sense of timekeeping is decided by your Zodiac signs.

The natural timekeepers

The best timekeepers would be the ones with the Earth sign. They can be as dependable as the ground you walk on. You can say that Taurus, Virgos and Capricorns are obsessed with being punctual. Their ruling element is sturdiness and so they are more reliable when it comes to time. Earth signs generally have the tendency to work well within a specific set of rules and structures.

They find it really comfortable to follow their schedule down to the second. They might even go through a little shock if something goes wrong and their schedule gets disrupted. So, if you have a meeting planned with a Virgo, just make sure you are on time – because most likely, your friend is already waiting there for you, on time.

Being loose on deadlines like Air

Don’t confuse the earth signs with the air signs though. Air signs are always on the move. They tend to be much looser on the deadlines and will tend to be late. It’s not their fault though. Signs like Libra, Gemini and Aquarius have so many solitary and social pursuits they are busy all the time!

If they are late, don’t blame them. They are just coming from another busy meeting and would love to talk about it. You can be sure that they have to go somewhere else once this meeting gets over. It’s not that they value you or your time – they are just completely booked!

When passion comes first

What about fire signs like Sagittarius and Aries? They are impulsive signs. Fire signs are ruled by passion and sometimes this mindless passion in them will end up making them prone to overbooking.

What comes out of it? Either they just become frustrated with the number of plans they have booked for themselves – or they’ll just forget about any plans! If they are not passionate about a plan, they will likely show up at any time they please, rather than when it actually starts.

Moody as the water

For water signs, like Cancer, everything is just so emotional and moody for them. It’s a unique element driven by emotions. They don’t like leaving their friends hanging and so they will have a tendency to want to be on time.

But intentions do not always translate to actions. If the timing doesn’t feel right at the moment, spiritually or otherwise, they may even put off a project, especially creative ones, for later!

How could you know?

If you really want to know why you are always taunted for being late in meetings, just delve into your astrological weeds and check out the sixth and tenth houses in your birth chart. Therein lies the mystery.

The former stands for your sense of duty and responsibility while the latter shows your social commitments and reputation. How the signs are aligned with your signs will make you understand more about your timely commitments.

But you should always leave out external circumstances. Traffic and sudden problems can interrupt with your time-keeping. But if you remove all those, you can be sure that your Zodiac sign is at play somewhere.

So, buckle up and understand yourself – and you will find out why you are so unpunctual.

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