How To Learn How To See Your Own Aura

by Conscious Reminder

Your aura should be placed at the center of understanding yourself as a human being. Usually, the topic about aura is greeted with some misplaced skepticism.

When it comes to comprehending the aura and training yourself to actually see it, they are essential parts of comprehending yourself.

How is aura defined?

The simplest definition says that the aura is an electromagnetic field which surrounds all the living beings on Earth, from plants to humans.

Moreover, the aura is the electromagnetic field which can be quantifiable by some scientific research. In humans, the aura is unusually complex, and it has seven different layers, and each of them affects their emotions, moods, feelings, or health and the overall behavior.

Also, an aura is said to be the physical, spiritual or emotional expression of your real self. The significance of the aura should not be underestimated, so it will be crucial to understand the individual layers of it and how it will affect you.

The seven layers of the aura are: The physical layer, then the astral layer, the lower mental layer, the higher mental layer, the spiritual layer, the intuitional layer, and the absolute layer.

How can you see your own aura?


First of all, you have to teach yourself about the different colors which the auras can have and also the meaning they carry.


You can start by attempting to sense the aura of someone else. First, close the eyes, then breathe profoundly, and after that think of your feelings when you are in someone’s presence. How do you feel? Are you calm, inspired or even agitated? After that, consider the color you want to associate with that feeling.

Tune in

When you finally learned the colors, start training the eyes to view those colors more brightly and vividly. In order to that, you can cover some book with blue or red paper and then place it around the room with neutral or white wall in the back.

Then, close the eyes and after that start opening them slowly, without looking directly on the book. You can look right or left from the place of the book. Then, keep the eyes focused softly on that side of it unless you start seeing the pale aura coming from this book that with the time is going to change into green or bright yellow.

Start seeing

You should stand right in front of your mirror, from a neutral or white wall. Here, you should not look right at yourself – pay attention on the wall behind you. Try to notice the area of it which seems brighter than the other areas of the wall, pay attention to them better, in order to identify its color.

When you identify the color, you should start swaying and see how your field of energies is moving together with you. In order to see brighter colors, you can play your favorite song, so you will initiate a more powerful emotional reaction when it comes to your aura.

In the end, this practice will be perfect. You have to be patient in order to learn how to have the ability to see the aura within you. When you practice this, and you are not able to see anything, you should not be frustrated.

Keep in mind that when you accept the aura and when you try to comprehend it even better, you will be on the appropriate way to your spiritual bliss.

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