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7 Stones That Help Empaths Deal With The Intense Energies Coming From All Around

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by Conscious Reminder

Empaths are much more sensitive to energies than the average human.

As soon as they walk in a room they can pick on the energies of the people in the room and know how each and one of them is feeling. This might sound like a cool superpower to the layman but is actually incredibly exhausting.

Imagine being able to listen and understand many people simultaneously, but them everybody is always talking and you can’t turn it off. Empaths can’t help picking on energies from their surroundings and this is physically and mentally tiring.

There are various stones which can help an empath harness the energy from their surroundings and handle the onslaught with relative ease. If used daily, these can help them and keep them from being overwhelmed. These 7 are the must haves of the lot.

1. Amethyst

This has protective powers and works by blocking out vibes and energies which are negative in nature. It also attracts the positive kind of energy and improves spiritual awareness.

2. Blue Topaz

It clears the unnecessary clutter of different noises from the mind. It helps you in prioritizing by making you realize what is important.

3. Jade

Jade promotes balance. It is especially favored by lovers as it is known to harmonize energies which are of an opposing nature.

4. Lapis Lazuli

Another protective stone. It helps in judgment by letting you remain objective and fair even when a lot of energies are acting on you. This increases a person’s understanding of the people around him in addition to aiding his spiritual growth.

5. Turquoise

It is like an all day protection from bad thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t let other’s negative vibes have an impact on you.

6. Unakite

It is slightly unheard of but is very powerful in balancing energies; both yours and external.

7. Zoisite

This is particularly important for Empaths who find it difficult to function creatively while being overwhelmed with different energies.

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