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Accepting Loss And Rebirth: What Is Left To Be Done When There’s Nothing Left To Do?

by consciousreminder
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by Miriam Mircea,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

What is left to be done when there’s nothing left to do?

Does this question sound familiar to you? Do you resonate with its subtle dose of sadness and confusion? Or maybe you already have an answer , because you have chosen to cross through the forest of pain, in order to reach the sunny path…So, the question remains: what is then left to do when seemingly there is nothing more to be done?

The word “seemingly” isn’t used out of context or by coincidence,  because actually losing something or someone is extremely relative and very difficult to define or comprehend. Just as relative as normality is, especially in these times of awakening, when more and more souls and spirits choose to accept and integrate the new “downloads”, the information which is given to us by the Universe or by the Source. All this is guiding our Higher Selves to find our way back to the essential values: Gratitude and Unconditional Love.

But the question lingers. It sounds very final and so empty, like Pandora’s Box after Hope fled.

Not many answers can be satisfying enough for our own peace of mind. Many take the question as it is, as this big black hole and just state that nothingness has to be embraced and even accepted without further thought.

This very question is shrouded in a cloud of subtle fear, forever present in the background of our minds, settled there comfortably with the help of basic society “coding” we have all been submitted to, since birth. We must not forget also about the “baggage full of rocks”we keep carrying everywhere, the karmic baggage “inherited” from our family, friends, or other soul contracts.

In our human essence, fear has deep roots and we sometimes find refuge in it, seeing it as an escape, as an excuse,as a friend who understands and doesn’t ask questions.

Our biggest fear is the one of losing, of being lost and being abandoned. We desperately cling on to people, places, photos, objects, in an attempt to stop Time. It is for now, at least, quite challenging to surpass this three-dimensional reality, but we are not to blame. We just act as we were taught to.

And still, how do we answer to this insurmountable question? We could address it with another question: what is Darkness? Is it only the absence of light? What if Darkness is actually our own Fear that Light would never return and that Darkness has swallowed all that is dear and beloved to us.

In order to reach the sunny path through the Forest of Pain, one must realize that absolutely all is energy and is relative. Nothing is fixed and it flows like a river. What was once lost, will find its way back to us, without any notion of When.

Imagine yourselves alone, in the middle of a green pasture, flooded by sun light and with the blue sky above. You have nothing and yet you have it all. You will feel the joy of Freedom and the chance of Rebirth, just like the Phoenix Bird. Remember, a bird is a bird. And even Phoenix had to fly through the same Forest of Pain we are temporary in, so that she could reach the Light.

The choice is yours.

About the author: My name is Miriam Mircea, I was born in beautiful Romania and I am a proud Sagittarius. I am in love with medieval history, folklore and alternative religious knowledge, hence my studies choice: teacher of medieval history and French. I am a polyglot, a huge animal lover, on my own path to ascension and enlightenment. I currently am a teacher in this reality plan and aiming to become one in the energetic fields as well. I love reading, sports and traveling. I am very very grateful for all I am and all I have.

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