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5 Toxic Habits To Avoid To Make Your Thoughts More Positive

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by Conscious Reminder

Toxic habits usually come from our thinking. In fact, we believe in something, and that’s why we actually do it in particular ways. We also indulge in those habits as we trained our brains into that way of thinking.

However, what influence will such toxic habits have on our lives? Toxic habits aren’t just the deterrent to our personal growth and happiness, but they will also make us feel miserable.

Our negative thoughts generate these toxic habits. Negative thinking includes criticizing ourselves and over-thinking to points where it will become hard for us to function.

Rewiring our brain means changing our way of thinking. Here are the five toxic habits which we should avoid in order to live a better life:

Lowered self-esteem.

If we constantly feel afraid of messing the things up, or we feel like everything we do will never be enough, we probably have our self-esteem lowered.

This is probably the worst possible toxic habit we can have, as it will lead us into thinking that we aren’t good enough. It will make us overlook the potential that we have.

Many different factors can be the reason for lowered self-esteem, and some of them are comparing ourselves with other people, feeling afraid of failure, having troubling experiences from our past, or having some negative thoughts.

We can actually work on all these things in order to improve ourselves. Negative thoughts will make us feel miserable and sad, while the positive ones will make us always feel energized and motivated.

Comparing ourselves to other people.

When we compare ourselves to other people, we negate our achievements, challenges, and qualities. When we actually see someone that has a much better house, job, lifestyle, partner, or car, we will compare ourselves to him or her.

When we obsessively compare ourselves with other people, it means that we have unhealthy habits. This may make us feel worthless.

Also, such types of feelings may even make us feel like we are never enough, or that everything we do is never going to be enough, not only for ourselves but for our family and friends. Often, when we do such comparison, the feelings of envy and jealousy motivate us.

If we compete with other people, that will no help us to achieve our goals. Rather than knowing what are the things we really want, we will look to other people for inspiration.

In fact, this will make us feel dependent on other people. We will lose ourselves, as we will fight for what they have. In order to avoid making such comparisons, we should list down our challenges and achievements.

Staying with our mind in the past.

The past experiences we had may shape the individual that we are; however, they will absolutely don’t have an effect on our future. When we stay in our past, it will affect our work life, relationships, and health.

This will also make us completely blind to all those opportunities in front of us today. We will think about everything we were supposed to do, rather than what we are supposed to do now.

The only purpose that our past is supposed to serve is as our reminder for the ways in which we can improve ourselves. Also, it is supposed to help us in learning from the mistakes we made and even give us some reasons to keep moving forward.

We should put our energies on our present, and think of everything that we feel grateful for, such as good health. In fact, this will make us appreciate everything we have in our lives.

Blaming other people and circumstances.

In fact, when something goes wrong, our reactions would be finding someone that we can blame. Blaming other people is much easier than accepting our mistake.

In fact, accepting those mistakes will require introspection, something that may be challenging as it asks us to realize our weaknesses and strengths. This is a habit which will make us miserable if we believe ourselves to be unique and spotless.

All we have to do is admit the fact that we all make mistakes. Making mistakes may be an inherent part of our personality. If we blame other people, it means that we do not accept the responsibilities for our actions and we can’t identify our mistakes.

After that, we will start believing that everything that goes wrong is because of someone else. Then, we will start losing control, as we will constantly look at other people for when something goes wrong.

Staying comfortable.

The activities that we are doing every day will drain our energies. Because of that, we will choose comfort. However, what we will never understand is the fact that comfort can be our growth’s enemy. In order to grow, we should go through painful times.

This also includes learning skills which are not familiar to us, or experiencing some new things, and so on. If we never get out of the zone or comfort, we are never going to find the chance to grow. In order to find what our interests are, we are supposed to look for some challenges.

In order to grow, we will need to step forward. Anything that is out of our zone of comfort seems daunting as we are actually used to that routine. It will be hard to understand when we will get comfortable. We should try something new, and always open ourselves to some new experiences.

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