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The Double Life of An Empath

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If you are an Empath, there is a good chance you go through life feeling like you lead a double life or have to wear a face when spending time with others.

I recently read that the Japanese believe people have three faces: The face we show the world, the face we show our family and close friends, and the face we show no one. It is our hidden face which is apparently our truest reflection.

As Empaths, we often slip on our ‘muggle face’ when out in public, or even with close friends and family, as a way to better fit in. We may rarely get the chance to display our ‘magical Empath face’ for the fact we feel  it won’t be accepted. For some, the only time this face is openly worn is when at home or when alone.

Now we could be accused of being disingenuous, or even cowardly, for not publicly displaying our Empath face, but there is a very good reason we hide our truths… and it’s not just to protect ourselves.

When we awaken, as an Empath, a world which had been elusive to our conscious mind, is gradually revealed. Not only do we come to embrace and appreciate our unusual traits—traits that seemed to set us apart from others—but we gain a new outlook on life. Everything we have ever experienced emotionally and physically, when around people, finally makes sense. We now understand our need for time alone, why we feel such crazy energy when in busy places, and why we experience such overpowering emotions when with certain people. We come to accept our ‘inner-Knowing’ as the pervasive guiding force it is and stop fighting or ignoring the strong intuition that comes with it. ‘Yes’, we shout, ‘Empath life is a very real phenomenon. We are not the only ones!’

We may become so excited by our new-found knowledge that we want to shout it from the rooftops! Tell the world who we are, what we know, feel, see and intuit. We have an explanation for all the inexplicable things we’ve experienced, throughout our life, and we want to share it with anyone who will listen… Sadly, this intense enthusiasm, to share our new findings, is often short-lived. We quickly come to understand that it is no easy feat discussing the ways of an Empath, with muggles. Discovering who we are, it would seem, was the easy part of the journey!

Oh, we may try to explain, what we now realise, about our traits to others. The reasoning behind our Empath ways seem so simple to us why wouldn’t anyone else understand them? But when we try to describe ourselves, to those we know and love, we are greeted with drooping jaws, wide eyes and blank expressions. How is it something we were so excited to learn about, which we found to be extraordinary and magical, holds no interest or is unbelievable to others?

It quickly becomes obvious that people find it difficult to believe in what they don’t understand or experience themselves. If it’s not being openly discussed or acknowledged on the ‘News at Ten’, in the media, or in everyday social settings, it can’t be real. It’s just too weird or ‘woo-woo!’.

That is not to say no one will accept our Empath traits. There are some who are very understanding and accepting, but it is certainly not the majority. We soon come to understand whom we can discuss our ways with, and those with whom we should keep a zipped mouth, by the way they feel to us.

The problem is Empaths do not enjoy pretending. We like to live authentically and liberated. And it often feels uncomfortable to keep our ‘Knowing’ to ourselves. When engaging in superficial dialogue or conversations that bear no meaning, it almost feels like we are being a big fat fake. Whether we are aware of it or not, we hold ourselves back from revealing our truths, to others, not just as a way to protect ourselves from rejection but as a way to make their lives more comfortable. Although we may not like it, we soon learn who are ready to hear and those who are not, and the last thing we would want is for anyone to feel uneasy when around us.

So, as long as we know who we are, we shouldn’t worry about what we keep from others. We all have faces we show the world at different times and for different reasons. So instead of feeling frustrated about living a ‘double life’ we could channel our energy into something else:

  • Face our truth. Discover our true purpose and find what we want out of life. Uncover what our feelings mean. What are we really afraid of or upset about?
  • Enhance our power by tuning into the energy of gratitude: The energy of gratitude is one of the most powerful energies we have access to (It’s a love frequency). It is uplifting and has the most magical transformative effect on those who embrace gratitude.
  • Be the change see the change: When we work to change ourselves for the better, we put this energy out into the world and it has a knock-on effect. It is always worth remembering that what we give out, energetically, we receive back.

I am a big believer that the discomfort we experience in life propels us forward. It is in our suffering that we have the greatest opportunity for expansion. Even if our suffering comes from living a double life, when we work through our vulnerabilities, and uncover our own truth, we grow exponentially. Our truth is for us. No one else needs to comprehend our journey. Although incredibly cathartic to be able to express oneself, it has to feel right to us when we do. Just as we don’t think twice about not parading around in our underwear, we should not worry about revealing our Empath traits to others.

As already mentioned, as long as we know who we are, what we came here for and continue to work to project magic into the world, the face we choose to wear, when in public, is for our own discernment.

Hope all is keeping well in your world.

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