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If You Are An Empath, Here Are 3 Ways Gemstones Can Protect You From The Negative Energies

by consciousreminder
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By Conscious Reminder

Gemstones have been revered and worshipped since time immemorial. Not just worshipped, they have been used for their healing properties too since the early days of man.

Gemstones are formed over thousands of years under extreme pressure and temperature in the earth. Their rarity only added to their powers.

Gemstones are interlinked with spirituality because of their healing powers. In the land of the origin of spirituality, India, gemstones have been traditionally used as energy supplements.

That means, if you are deficient in any particular energy, you could use a certain gemstone that is known for supplying that particular energy to keep yourself balanced.

If you are an Empath, you have to deal with not only your own energies but also those of others. Your compassion and sensitivity make people gravitate towards you to dump all their emotional troubles on you.

Mostly they come in good faith, wishing you no harm but the constant barrage of negativity from their experiences will have its toll on you.

Being susceptible to others’ energies makes it all the more important for Empaths to protect their own energies and separate the positive from the negative. Here’s how you can use gemstones to protect yourself from negativity and restore and balance your energies to feel energized:

Care For Your Heart

Being an Empath makes a greater impact on your Heart Chakra. After a hectic day of interactions, ever felt your heart rather unbalanced? It is probably because most of its energy has been drained. You can use a Rhodonite gemstone to restore your energy.

This “rescue stone” makes sure you can open your heart to others and it also calms down fiery energy in the heart. Even on a personal level, if your relationships with your family or partner are causing you heartache, this stone is a must-have. You can also use rose quartz to keep your heart happy. Make sure it stays close to your chest to receive its healing powers.

Improve Your Intuitive Powers

The center of the forehead or the point in-between the eyebrows is known to control intuition and inner wisdom. Spiritual development is linked to this Chakra too. You can reach the depths of your consciousness via this point but what if your emotions are stopping you?

Emotional overload blocks our intuitive powers. You can use amethyst, clear quartz, and lapis lazuli to boost your intuition. As the gemstones work to unblock your energy, you can focus on meditation to fuel your spiritual growth.

True Spirituality

In order to truly heal ourselves, there must be a spiritual awakening. This will allow energy to flow throughout the many centers of energy in your body. This energy flow will facilitate us to reach higher realms of consciousness. 

These steps will lead you to open your Crown Chakra which is your energy center. As your Crown Chakra is unblocked, your spiritual growth will be enhanced. Violet and purple colored gemstones like lepidolite can be used while you meditate to unblock this Chakra.

Go find your perfect gemstone and start practicing today!

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