Can Your Conscious Mind Predict The Future?

by Mehak Chauhan 
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Also known as the thinking mind, the conscious mind holds one thought at a time with no typical previous memory. Our conscious mind is always aware of our current state.

Every human body has a conscious mind as well as a subconscious mind.

With four different factors, conscious mind typically judges everything around us. After identifying things, it starts comparing things, and eventually start analyzing those things. The last factor is the deciding part which significantly helps our mind in taking decisions in life.

An individual often does not recognize the power of his conscious mind. It’s even smarter that one could think of. Below are the signs which can help you in predicting future, a power you never know your conscious mind have.

1. Personal Experiences:

Personal experiences have often helped us in deciding whatever the situation would be we knew well in advance how it would turn out to be. Often the opposite person tells us about his ordeals or how his life has been going through and we know well in advance, how these things will have a future impact on that person. Even how his decisions will land him in trouble or can turn out to be fruitful for them.

2. Prices of Goods and Services:

Whenever we visit a store or a mall, the first thing our mind decides whether we will be able to afford it or not. Before asking or checking the price tag, our minds often tells us what could be the price of the product. Our mind sends us the chemical impulses whenever we walk around high-end stores like Gucci, Ted Baker and etc and the lower end stores like Forever 21, H&M and etc.

3. Robots as our friends:

Our conscious mind often helps us in analyzing how things or evolution of technology will help us in the future. Our conscious mind can also visualize how machines are apparently becoming compatible and also how those robots will help disabled, elderly or ill people in their daily chores.

4. Cyborgs in Future:

Nothing seems impossible when technology steps in. Advancement in technology has now enabled that an individual can have implants and prosthetics to fight off deadly injuries. Cyborgs will also enhance our powers for vision, hearing and it can also replace our organs and limbs to save us from life-threatening diseases.

5. Judging someone:

Our upbringing and beliefs have made us believe that people with high eyebrows and more prominent cheeks are the ones to be trusted. On the flip side, those with no so prominent features appear to be not so trustworthy for us. It is often said that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But our conscious mind just takes an average of 7 seconds or even less when judging someone. Some prominent examples include employees hiring their employees, blind dates and etc.

Predicting your future is not a myth anymore. Your conscious mind will eventually influence your decisions throughout your life.


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