Cancer Season Starts Today And It Will Keep Drama At Bay

by Conscious Reminder

After the restless Gemini season, Cancer season from June 21st is the best time to relax and unwind.

With emotions taking the front seat this Cancer season, you will be forming deep connections as you will be acting more and more on intuition, and you would also prioritize family and relationships.

With Moon being the Ruler, the Cancer sign is the moodiest. But with the July 2nd Solar Eclipse and July 16th Lunar Eclipse, the emotions are bound to double.

The Zodiac uses eclipses to create future opportunities and even helps you find ways to move ahead in life. The opportunities will disappear as fast as an eclipse; so be smart and quick.

July 9th will have Saturn in Capricorn opposite to the Sun in Cancer which will make you feel pushed to a corner and you will continuously feel as if you are unheard.

July 14th has Pluto, the destructive planet, opposite the Sun which will break down the walls of Saturn but throw you into utter chaos and make you want to retreat to the safety.

You may find your partner moving apart or even breaking up but remember to see the bright side of this as well as you will get time to concentrate on yourself. Missed opportunities at work could imply a better future in another job or taking a new direction altogether.

Along with blockages, Saturn also rules structure and responsibility. So while you hustle with your challenges understand how they turn into experiences that you can learn from.

Pluto, the ruler of rebirth will make you see yourself transforming as you tackle the hurdles thrown at you. Having hit rock bottom, the only option is to go up!

Be considerate of others as they are as moody as are you. In difficult times, the Crab prefers to retreat to its shell and this season may pronounce the same on you. As you look for ways to avoid drama, home and family seem the best options to return to.

They will know the exact things to say or will comfort you as well as divert your mind from the antics of the outside world.

Cancers are also associated with the arts so you can find relief in creating some or just enjoy the art and music that is already out there. Music shall be an important companion to get you through any kind of stress this season.

Cancer season is the time to understand your perspective as you take a better look inside and understand what is truly valuable to you.

The Mercury Retrograde in July will make you suffer but challenges are the best way to discover and rediscover yourself as you hustle through them and eventually emerge victorious.

The stress of the season will make time fly so your troubles will be over before you even have time to think about them.

Just believe in the power of the Universe and everything will work out just fine, as it always does!

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