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What The July Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Actually Means For Your Zodiac?

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by Conscious Reminder

An Eclipse is a point of beginning which starts from the darkness. It is usually very uncertain. On 16th July, there will be an Eclipse at 24-degrees in Capricorn. This will also be a partial lunar eclipse.

Still, it will be a potent one as it occurs in conjunction with Pluto. There will be power struggles and you have to be extra careful. Plus, the Sun is in Cancer, opposite the Moon and that means there will be some emotional turmoil happening within you.

Everything that will happen to you now will depend on the past 6 months. Humans generally love habit but Eclipse tends to jumpstart everything and bring in the unexpected. This makes eclipses something of dread for human beings.

But if you really look at it properly, eclipses can bring a whole new meaning to your life. Let’s see how the Lunar Eclipse which is happening with the Full Moon is bringing for you:


Your old ambitions are no longer going to be in alignment with you. You are about to open up a new path before you.


You are growing and now, you will move into a phase where you will be reaching out to a lot more people – may be through broadcasting.


Your subconscious belief regarding money and regarding who you really are will start to falter. It’s time that you take a serious look at life and try to break through obstacles.


Leave relationships that make you feel small and are toxic. Take yourself out of the comfort shell and proper to the future. Bring in change.


Health will be your concern with the Lunar Eclipse trying to make you quit a new habit. The Pluto and Saturn angle will bring closure.


A love-based relationship will evolve and it will take you to that area where you have been left with making a choice: either to move to the next level or leave. Neptune will show you the right path, within all its fantasy.


If you are staying in a toxic environment, then it’s time to make a move and go out of it. Let the professional world welcome who you are.


You will get some new kind of information but you have to wait till you concentrate and judge it properly. Also, try not to sign any contracts until the retrograde passes.


You may have to cut ties with an old source of income but don’t worry – something new will be coming your way. Start afresh. Jupiter will be in your sign, so, it’s time to explore new avenues.


This eclipse shed your comfort skin and try to live a life of risks. This will help you transform. So, trust the entire process and try to move forward with it.


You are currently having a mental block which you need to pull out at this moment. Be flexible and open and this will help you free yourself.


Time to declutter and this could mean, deleting numbers which bring toxicity in your life and making your mission to be guided towards the right path.

Let the Cosmos guide you well. You have to allow change to take place. So, bring some room in your life and let the cosmic current take hold of you. Be comfortable and give more breathing space to your life.

The eclipses are bringing in cosmic magic. Accept the enchantment.

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