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5 Ways Self-Awareness Can Help You Build A Stronger Relationship

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by Conscious Reminder

“To say “I love you” one must know first how to say the “I”.” – Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead.

The first relationship we have is with our own self. So unless we can love our true selves, we cannot expect to survive a relationship where not only us but the other needs that love and support as well.

But self-awareness goes beyond self-love. It is the part of our emotional intelligence that gives us clarity about our own self. It is the awareness of our own behavior with others as well as ourselves.

Self-awareness includes self-love but it also focuses on the drawbacks of the self to take us to a greater plane of understanding.

5 Ways How Self Awareness Can Influence Your Love Relationships:

1. You become independent emotionally

Once you are self-aware, you can draw your happiness from within, instead of depending on your partner. Your partner will definitely add to the self-generated happiness but that won’t feel like a burden to them if you are free.

Happy, sad or be what may, you will know that you have the extra support of the partner but can rely on your own self as well. When you take this responsibility for your thoughts and feelings, you also retain the support and love of your partner.

2. You enjoy the present

Overthinking is one of your greatest enemies. Instead of focusing on your present and seeing things the way they are, you spend time on hypothetical situations that are least likely to turn up.  Your fears restrict you from truly experiencing your present relationship.

Self-awareness is your best way to block all baseless negativity and helps you concentrate on being present in both spirit and mind.

3. You can own and apologize for your mistakes

Self-awareness takes in both love and an understanding of your faults. Difficult situations in your relationship will have you question your own motives and actions instead of playing the blame game with your partner.

This awareness gives you the strength to be true and honest to your own self and to your partner. You should concentrate on solving the problems in yourself and in the relationship, which, in turn, helps the relationship grow.

4. Empathy comes with the territory

A self-aware person has the gift to go beyond the self, to help the other. You take your partner’s feelings into account. You understand when your partner needs you and when they don’t. Your presence is sometimes enough to help them deal with their problems. Self-awareness is also about empathy and love for the people around you.

5. Honesty comes easily to you

Self-aware people understand the importance of being honest and truthful – not only to the partner but to the self as well. You learn to confront your problems and deal with them.

Honesty gives you the encouragement to accept your flaws and helps you to work them out. When you understand your imperfections, you also realize your partner is not perfect either. You accept them as their true self.

Self-awareness helps both you and your partner to grow. Embrace it.

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