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3 Healing Crystals To Balance & Heal Your Throat Chakra

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by Conscious Reminder

The throat chakra’s main purpose is to help us with expressing ourselves freely. An open throat chakra lets us express our feelings, ideas, and thoughts effortlessly without any restrictions.

However, often we refrain from saying our opinions out loud because we are afraid of being rejected. We suppress our emotions so that we cannot lose our place of belonging. All this can result in our Throat Chakra getting blocked.

The best method of restoring the energy flow is by expressing our emotions. Other methods involve daily practicing meditation involving chanting affirmations or mantras.

Crystals are another great way of opening the Throat Chakra. The Chakra’s color is blue, so every blue crystal helps out with the Chakra. Here are the 3 best crystals to help with opening a blocked Chakra of the Throat.

Blue Lace Agate

The crystal’s stress-relieving and soothing vibes are extremely beneficial for the Throat Chakra. It is best suited for those who are having difficulty expressing themselves. It is known for gently releasing fears and anxieties that keep us from speaking out our honest truths.

The crystal’s pale blue celestial hues are helpful for calming frayed nerves by encouraging serenity and bliss. This is a crystal with high vibrational energy as well as powerful properties for protection. Working with it helps in clearing negative emotions and toxic energy.

The crystal is also great for communicating and connecting with spirit guides and angels. Working with it can aid us in our path to a higher awareness state and receive the guidance of the realms that are higher above.

Blue Apatite

A blocked Throat Chakra can be caused by resisting life’s creative flow as well as when we attach ourselves to experiences or people who do not have any purpose. Often, we lock ourselves inside a wall and feel like facing a dead end.

Blue Apatite encourages us to face life more creatively and, sometimes, to just go with the flow. The crystal stands for manifestation and helps us transform our dreams and aspirations into reality. It infuses passion into us and motivates us to fight for ourselves and cut whatever keeps us attached to relationships that are toxic.

Working with it helps us in releasing our fears. This gives us the ability to voice our truth confidently without caring too much about the thoughts of others. In turn, this will help in opening up any blockages that exist in our Throat Chakras.

Blue Topaz

Our Throat Chakras can get blocked easily if honesty and openness are absent from our relationships. If no one hears our thoughts or ideas or constantly ridicules the ways we express ourselves, the Throat Chakra will gradually lock up.

Working with this crystal will gently balance and heal the Chakra. It is helpful for regaining our self-esteem and self-worth. In turn, this will help us in setting healthy boundaries and having relationships based on open communication and mutual trust.

Accepting ourselves completely is the first step to being free of fear’s grasp. Our relationships will cease to be based on fear since we will be able to voice our truths and express ourselves freely.

A Meditation Practice To Help With A Blocked Throat Chakra

Find a quiet location, sit comfortably, and relax by taking a few deep breaths. Hold a Throat Chakra crystal in one hand and shut your eyes. Now imagine a brilliant blue emanating from the crystal and into the area of your throat.

Trust in the crystal’s healing vibrations entering the Throat Chakra. Then, after opening your eyes, say that you cherish your voice and know that being heard is safe for you. 

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