Partial Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon In Capricorn On July 16: Time To Accept Your Shadow Self

by Conscious Reminder

16th July is all set for a Partial Lunar Eclipse of a Full Moon in Capricorn. The sky-illuminating Full Moon this time will be partially shadowed by Earth. This Eclipse will bring with it new information and insights for you.

As with all Eclipses, this one too has strong energy and will be bringing light to us. Shadows will be exposed and the focus will be on releasing things you have been trying to hide. 

Not just release and closure, this July Lunar Eclipse is also set to guide you. The boundaries of the body, mind, and soul will be tested.

Stretching the body relieves us of tension and the energy and blood flow get better. Similarly, this Eclipse will stretch us to get rid of past tensions. True alignment of your soul, mind, and body is the goal of this Eclipse.

You can feel like being pulled in opposing directions. You may be forced to choose a path or feel indecisive about your actions. But the Eclipse will not only stretch you into these situations but also help you go across them.

The Full Moon will be guiding but you need to be patient. While the Universe charts the best path for your soul, remember to be open and keep stretching.

Big things are coming up. So you need to declutter. Let go of unnecessary things to make space for the clarity to make judgments. These judgments will decide your future.

Eclipses give us the energy to finally push out the things that are already moving out. This July Lunar Eclipse will give you the much-needed energy to get rid of crumbling situations.

You have to stay open and alert to realize where the Eclipse might be taking you for that release and closure.

The Solar Eclipse of January 2019 is connected to this Eclipse. So think about the lessons you have worked on these past few months.

Things are not over yet and there is still some more learning left. Don’t try to force the growth on yourself, give it time.

This Capricorn Eclipse will remind you of your true strengths. The animal of the Capricorn is the mountain goat. This small animal is resilient and is capable of climbing any mountain it may choose.

The correct motivation is all this nimble goat requires to reach the heights. Self-confidence is key. So this July Lunar Eclipse ask yourself what truly motivates you. Discover your motivation to climb even higher mountains.

The need for the correct motivation is all the more this Eclipse season. Eclipses can make us feel stagnant and stuck to situations. When you question your thoughts and actions, you will be stretching your mind to think a bit different than the rest.

Self-inquiry will help you to be more open to newer possibilities and decide which things are not any longer beneficial to you.

As you question your own actions, tension will rise. It can get overwhelming and you might start feeling anxious. You need to understand that it is all a part of the bigger process.

You need to trust yourself and have confidence. Repeat whatever motivating mantra you find useful and it will provide you the help you need this July Lunar Eclipse.

Status and power struggles are in the cards this Eclipse time. The struggle can be on the public level or just your personal life.

You might be questioning your priorities and whom you trust with the power over you. As the Universe aligns for the Eclipse, you might feel like you are preparing to meet your enemy army.

But surprisingly, all these seemingly opposing energies are only here to bring transformations, growth, and healing to you.

After the opposing energies of the Lunar Eclipse have stretched you, body and soul, you will feel those knots and tensions disappearing. Energy will flow through you like a breeze, and activate your soul.

With all this stretching that is required during this intense period, you need to be gentle with yourself. You must remember to breathe through the difficulties.

This July Lunar Eclipse in  Full Moon Capricorn is extremely potent and full of transformative powers. You have to stay strong and face difficulties, only to emerge victoriously.

Remember that it is one Eclipse and no matter how complicated life may seem, you have the courage within you to stand tall.

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