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Cutting The Etheric Cords That Can Drain Your Vital Energy

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by Conscious Reminder

Removing etheric cords is great for releasing the negative effects some relationships can have on you. It’s also very good for those in healing or caring roles who form unconscious energy links with many others.

What Are Etheric Cords?

The close relationships that you have can often create an energetic connection between you and the other person, whether it be a sibling, parent, ex-spouse or lover, child, close friend or work colleague, or even your current spouse or partner.

These attachments are known as etheric cords and they are energy links, a bit like tubes, that can form between the two of you. These tubes extend from chakra to chakra, depending on the type of attachment formed. Energy moves along these tubes between both people, sometimes draining from one toward the other and vice versa. And you can have many of these cords attached to you at the one time.

Unfortunately, this means that others can access your energy field (unconsciously, of course) which is not ideal for you.

As a result, if the other person is having a bit of a difficult time, they can draw upon your energy supply for their own needs, leaving you feeling tired and drained. But the good news is you can release these cords.

Please be assured that cutting these cords in no way diminishes your relationships with others.

Your emotional and intuitive connection will still be the same; it just releases the dysfunctional energy drain that can be a part of close relationships.

If you like, you can set the intention first of only cutting those cords that prevent you from experiencing your greatest joy, happiness and vitality.

How to Cut the Cords

To begin, stand in a quiet and private spot at a time when you know you won’t be disturbed. Imagine that you can see various energy cords extending from your body. They can all be attached at different places, depending on the type of relationship concerned with that particular cord.

You don’t need to know who the cord is attached to, and if you have trouble imagining these cords it doesn’t matter. This exercise will still be effective.

Next, visualize a large golden sword in your hands and hold the intention of cutting all of your etheric cords. Lift your arms and begin to cut through these cords wherever you imagine them to be. Visualize yourself cutting the cords from your back and under your feet also, even though you can’t reach your arms there – it will still work.

As you cut, you may like to affirm “I am now willing to release all fear-based attachments”. Visualize all remnants of the cords falling away. Next, visualize beautiful golden white light coming in through the top of your head (your crown chakra) and filling your entire body. Also see it expand outward to surround you and fill your aura with this light.

No matter how simple this exercise seems, even if you can’t visualize any cords or have trouble imagining yourself cutting the cords, be assured it will still work.

If you like, before you start you can call on Archangel Michael to assist you with this cord cutting exercise. Just ask him to come, and he will be there. There are no fancy words necessary.

So, how do you feel? You may not notice anything straight away, but over the coming days you may feel more peace, vitality or just clearer.

Doing this exercise regularly is great for your energy system, and your physical and emotional health.

There is a wonderful Australian Bush Flower Essence called Angelsword that very effectively removes etheric cords. Taking it orally works just fine.

I always like to use flower essences to help with any type of energy healing work. They are totally safe, powerful, and easy to use and are wonderful catalysts to healing your energy system and maintaining a vibrant energy field.

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