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November 2021 Astrology Through Dates: Intense Spiritual Awakening

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by Conscious Reminder

November marks the Eclipse Season’s beginning. This means this month has a high likelihood of being an important juncture in most of our lives.

This month also has a Partial Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. In December, a Complete Solar Eclipse will follow.

November will also see some powerful codes in numerology being unlocked as well as Venus entering Capricorn. In December, Venus will go into retrograde in that same Capricorn into 2022.

Here are the most important astrological and cosmic dates in November:

1st November: Numerology

1st November unlocks the code 111 in numerology. It is one of the angel numbers and symbolizes divine protection as well as a fresh chapter beginning. Use the day as a reminder for connecting with your expired loved ones, guides, and angels. Let yourself feel the protection of the Divine surrounding you.

1st/2nd November: Venus Moves Across The Center Of The Galaxy

Our galaxy’s center is thought to be located at Sagittarius’ 27 degrees. On the day, Venus will cross the point and activate the associated energy. As the crossing takes place, we might notice awakenings in our hearts as well as deeper connections with our sense of love. Relationships coupled with reinvigorated self-worth may make us empowered. This will be a good time for heart chakra activities and self-love.

2nd November: Mercury’s Shadow Period Ends

On 18th October, Mercury’s final retrograde for 2021 ended. However, it will regain its former speed and strength only on this day. Mercury rules over communication, and after regaining its usual strength and speed, our mental strength and decision-making abilities might feel increased. If you were facing disputes or miscommunications between end-September and early October, then they might become eased now.

4th November: Super New Moon In Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio will have mixed energies, and will most probably be a period for retreat and reflection. The New Moon will support alone time being spent contemplating quietly within ourselves. We might discover new points regarding the journey of our soul during this journey.

5th November: Venus Steps Into Capricorn

Venus will remain in Capricorn for an exceptionally long time because of its approaching 19th December retrograde. Venus’ journey into 2022 will make issues regarding our heart, finances, and relationship crop up. They will likely appear at the surface for us to be responsible for them while finding fresh methods to approach them.

7th November: Juno Moves Across The Center of The Galaxy

Juno is the asteroid ruling Soulmates and Marriage. This movement will also be accompanied by the Moon’s energy. The cosmic vibrations will be great for creating healthier partnerships while connecting with our heart’s wisdom and power.

11th November: Jupiter And The Moon Meet + 1111 Numerology

The 1111 angel number is unlocked on this day. Among the universe’s most potent codes, it represents full and complete alignment. When our state is aligned, our needs and desires are automatically the same. This energy can be best used by focusing on what makes you feel aligned.

Moreover, Jupiter and the Moon will be together for some hours in Aquarius. This will strengthen our creativity and intuition as well as bring abundance.

12th November: Chariklo Enters Aquarius Again

Chariklo, the Spirit Medicine asteroid, will remain in Aquarius until 2028. This movement may increase spiritual awakenings, make us understand Oneness deeper, and that healing happens in groups and not individually.

19th November: Taurus Partial Lunar Eclipse Full Moon

It is similar to a full moon that is supercharged. Full Moons bring destined events closer. The Taurus Eclipse can remove things that are no longer needed to us. Taurus’ energy also has a connection with our self-worth and finances. Trust in whatever that crops up, and believe that they will eventually lead you to higher consciousness states.

21st/22nd November: Sagittarius Season Starts

The movement can fill us with ambition and renewal and get us hyped up to begin finishing year-long goals or projects. Scorpio’s energy is deep and reflective, so we can share our soul’s deepest knowledge with the outside world.

29th/30th November: Vesta Makes A Conjunction With The Sun

Vesta rules over Fire and Hearth. She also represents our inner light of independence, sexual liberation, as well as the freedom of sexual expression. The energy can be used to accept our sexuality, and find independence.  

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