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If You Possess 10 Of These 12 Qualities, You Are A True Wolf Among The Sheep

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Do you know what being a quiet warrior means? What it demands of you is to be the strong and silent one? What do you have to do to stand strong in a tough world that does not care about you, that is ready to chew you up and spit you out? What does it demand of you to stand tall for your beliefs without cowering in fear even in the face of opposition?

To be frank with you, it takes so much, demands so much to be a wolf. You need spunk, purposefulness, diligence, and a never-ending well of desire to not only succeed but succeed exceptionally to be a wolf. All these are the parts of a wolf that will single you out as a leader of the pack who works tirelessly behind the scenes while the rest of the group move aimlessly like sheep.

The following 12 attributes discussed in this article will help you understand the traits that separate the wolf from the sheep. Your possession of them or lack thereof would help you decide who you are, the wolf or the sheep. If you possess more than half of these qualities, then you are a true wolf.

12. You are brave enough to embrace being unique

This is one of the core attributes of a wolf, and if you can associate with it, then you truly are a wolf. At the base of a wolf’s primal nature is fearlessness. A wolf is never afraid to stand up to anyone even if he has to do it alone. He would also never let anyone intimidate him. Do you stand by your beliefs even against everyone? Do you defend your beliefs fearlessly even when other people try to intimidate you? If yes, then you possess this an essential character of a wolf.

11. The wolf is fiercely savage.

The wolf is as fierce as it is savage. Its fierce nature is invoked when it comes to protecting its pack, and it is savage when its pack is threatened. A wolf also displays its savage nature when it hunts prey. If you are fiercely protective of those you love and savagely ferocious in protecting them when threatened, you are definitely a wolf.

10. Are you singularly determined?

Wolves are known for their cunning nature and singular determination. This determination is what enables them to stalk their prey from the shadows of the night, taunting them before swooping down for a kill when they don’t expect it. Wolves are single-minded when it comes to a hunt, they ignore the weather, the length of time, and energy expended. None of this matters except their determination to win. If this character of the wolf reminds you of yourself when you have set a new goal, then you are a wolf in the midst of sheep.

9. Wolves are proud creatures

Wolves practice the true meaning of pride which is the ability to learn from people better than you are and stand firm against those less than you are. The wolf never submits to an inferior creature; it can, however, spot when it is the inferior one and will learn from its superiors. This ability to understand it’s opponent and act based on that understanding has kept it on the list of top cunning and dangerous animals. If you have the quick instincts of a wolf and can quickly read your enemies to better take them down, then you genuinely possess the wolf’s pride.

8. Wolves are fiercely protective

One thing you should never do is go after anyone the wolf protects. It would turn it’s savage nature on you, ripping you to pieces. Wolves are ferocious in the protection of those they are loyal to. They would never let harm come to them. If you feel this overwhelming protective instinct in you for those that you love and would turn savage when they are threatened, then you are most definitely a wolf.

7. The wolf is an excellent leader.

Wolves live, move and hunt in packs, and despite their savage nature, they abide by rules, and they have a leader, the alpha. It is the alpha’s duty to protect the weak ones among the pack, assign duties, feed and protect the young and lead the pack to safety. If you possess the strength of the alpha wolf preferring to lead rather than follow, and you have the qualities that set the alpha apart from the other wolves, then you aren’t just a wolf, you are an alpha wolf.

6. The wolf is true to its nature

Even the wolves in the zoos retain their savage natures. They are wild and unapologetically savage. They do not change themselves like the chameleon does, choosing instead to adapt to circumstances for survival and even in their adaptation, they remain true to their natures. Do you ignore the boxes society has placed on everyone to live your life to the fullest, do you kick against conformity and stereotypes instead of choosing to be yourself? If your answer is yes, then you need to look no further for the wolf in you.

5. Wolves define freedom

A wolf lives on its own terms. Its wild nature alone ensures it’s freedom. Wolves are free animals, who never let themselves be chained down and changed. They are their own bosses. If you see the wolf in you through these qualities, then you need no one to tell you who you are. Your very non-conforming nature branded you a wolf even before you knew you were one.

4. The wolf is fair

Wolves practice one of natures own laws. Treat me the way you want to be treated. The wolf believes in being fair, If you treat them fairly with respect, then you get respect. If you come with threats, then it will unleash its savage nature on you. Does this principle look like yours? Do you treat everyone according to the way they treat you? If you do, then your inner wolf is alive.

3. Wolves are not merciful

Wolves are fair creatures, and if you get on their bad sides, they never show mercy. This is what makes them dangerous. You are either their good side or get ripped to shreds. This is one of the things that fuel their legendary determination and patience when it comes to stalking their prey during a hunt. You are a true wolf if you neither give people second chances to mess up nor hesitate to dole out the punishment they deserve.

2. You love the dark of the night

The wolf loves to hunt in the shadows of the night, letting the darkness mask its presence. They are most active in the night, letting the darkness of the night become it’s most trusted ally. If you prefer the shadows of the night to the brightness of the day, then there must be a wolf lurking inside you.

1. The wolf is a loner

Yes, wolves hunt in packs, live in packs, and move in packs. However, it does not negate the fact that they are loners at their core. They can live on their own, carrying out the most daredevil explorations without the need for company. You know you are a true wolf in every way when you crave the solitude that comes with being alone.

If these characteristics above seem like you, then you truly are a wolf in every way.

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