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Your Horoscope For The Week Of May 26 Is Here: When Mouth Operates Faster Than Brain

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by Conscious Reminder

The season of Gemini is already here, and this week is going to feature quite an intense aspect between the planets Jupiter and Mercury.

Here is the horoscope for each Zodiac sign for this particular week, which is going to give people a much better understanding about what they can expect, or how they can handle the chaos that Jupiter and Mercury bring on their way:


Right now, the people born under this sign are surely meeting some new people, and they may be people that will bring out the best qualities of Gemini. This is particularly true if they accept people that are not normally part of their social circle. Those people that appeared strange yesterday are maybe going to seem less today.


For some time, various planetary configurations were encouraging the people born under Cancer to be conscious that they are living onx a whole planet, not only in a town or city. They are in the process of becoming more conscious of society, meaning that their attention can be more focused on movements on a big scale. They should also remember that saying no is okay, as they can’t take a lot of obligations at once.


These days, previous aspirations and regrets are on Leos’ agenda. Leos have to pay attention to their daydreaming, as it will take them away from living and enjoying their real lives. Living their lives in the present and embracing everything they already have is ultimately going to give them the same satisfaction as the ones that are more famous and richer.


These days, Virgos might have to tell their opinions about something. In fact, there will be times when they bottle things up inside unless they are simmering to a boil. There may be a situation which requires discussion. They should not handle it as they can find a really easy solution. They may also find themselves caught between their loved one and their job.


The energy of Libras will be high this week. Libras have the ability to see all the positives sides of a situation, and they turn lemons into lemonade. Their skills for solving problems are also high, and their sense of humor will charm their colleagues and friends. They should use this energy constructively and even reach for their dreams.


This week, the words of Scorpios will be quite powerful, so they should be careful about how they can use them. They may also manipulate other people’s choices if they are not careful with how they conduct themselves. They should ensure that they give other people the empowerment and freedom to decide alone. They should also be honest and open about every fact that can influence their decisions in any possible way.


Sagittarians should never stop until they have succeeded. They should not let the insecurities of other people become their own. They are supposed to have great confidence in themselves and in how they behave around other people. Simply because a person feels sad does not mean that they have to feel sad too. In such a situation, they can turn the things around by simply exhibiting fun-loving attitude and sheer happiness. 


Capricorns are characterized by independence, and such independence could play certain tricks on them this week. Not everything is going to be approved just like before. Although they have freedom, other people assume that they feel as if they don’t have it enough. However, they should remember that the way of pleasing everybody does not exist. This concern will be the problem of those people and not of Capricorns.


Regardless of the fact that they may be worn out, Aquarians will push forward. They are entering quite a long time of perseverance and work, so this will not be the time to be hesitant or late. They should also feel ashamed if they are still in their pajamas during the day. They should do what they can in order to wake themselves up from their recent daze. It will be time to move on.


There could be strange conflicts on the way for the people born under Pisces. It looks as if they are falsely accused of making mistakes, so that they may become a scapegoat this week. This may be quite distressful, just like they can imagine. They should start their investigation in order to discover the needed proof which is going to get them off the hook.


If the people born under Aries were finding their companions quite boring lately, this week would be the time actually to jostle these people out of complacency. It will never be a good time for fibbing, but this week will especially not be the one to do that. Even some small fabrication may result in demands for receipts. Also, their pockets will be empty.


Lately, the people born under this sign were loners. It is simply like they made the decision to look differently at things from other people in the world, in that way rejecting the individualistic viewpoint for a global one. This week, they may also achieve some new goal during this process. They might also reach the consciousness’ peak, where they are going to be able to forgive other people.

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