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Are You A Heyoka? The Most Powerful Type Of Empath

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by Conscious Reminder

The ability to understand another person’s emotional state of mind and to be involved in their pain and emotional upheaval is called being an empath.

This ability is a quality that exists in varying degrees and levels. Since it works on multiple levels, it is important to note how the concepts of an empath and Heyoka differ.

Heyoka is a type of empath, basically. Despite the constant scarcity of information, Heyoka empaths are considered the most powerful. Additionally, Heyoka empaths are known as the “sacred clown,” a Native American term that translates loosely to “fool.” Translation loses the meaning, but it implies that the empath behaves abnormally and primarily deviates from norms.

The great mirror is what defines a Heyoka’s spirit. Heyoka has a mirror effect on the person they interact with. They typically represent the precise point at which spiritual evolution becomes necessary. Their mirror is that of emotion, and however you react to them emotionally is their guidance to reflect back to you.

A simple example could be your feeling that they are arrogant, but the idea is that you need to be humble or that if you feel great love, the mirror shows you the path of self-love. The characteristics of a Heyoka are determined by the energy you carry. The way you interact with reality and process emotions is how a Heyoka would seem to you.

Some traits may include dyslexia, being born backwards, performing certain tasks in reverse, or appearing younger than their actual age. Heyoka is an experience of emotional transformation.

Also, a Heyoka recognizes another Heyoka easily. They deeply understand the sensitivities and emotions with which they interact.

In native American ceremonies, the Heyoka is the one who disturbs the normative proceedings in order to make people think differently about normative ideas and sometimes to shift the energies.

The Heyokas’ modern-day workings function in such a way that they create shifts in energy levels, heal people around them, and balance the energy. Heyokas bring people back into stable equilibrium by making them follow the ‘backward way’. They carry the medicine of chaos, and this medicine has the power to change people’s lives.

This energy is forthcoming and strong, like a disruption out of love.

Since it is difficult to be humble in a world of ego, ask yourself whether you will take the courage to look into the mirror and befriend, date, or interact with Heyokas.

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