Zodiac Signs That Aren’t Going To Be Feeling Leo Season’s Influence

by Conscious Reminder

The season of Leo is almost upon us and for some, it is going to be a life-changing experience.

They are going to find themselves at center stage and pushed into being social butterflies even if they never intended to do so.

However, there are a few zodiac signs that won’t really feel the impact of Leo. For them, August will be a time to just chill at home and relax. So, these are the signs that won’t feel the ferocity and glamour of Leo all that much.

1. Taurus

No other place will be as attractive to you as your own cozy home during this period and there’s nothing wrong with that. Take a long, hard look at all the bonds you share and start prioritizing your mental health, You’ll need to be clear about where you stand with yourself when you enter Virgo season. So even though you’re not overtly participating in the revelry of Leo, you’re using its power to build yourself up.

2. Cancer

Your naturally contemplative attitude comes to the forefront during this Leo season. You’ll start thinking about what is truly important to you in life. Find the right path and you will prosper like never before. However, if you’re walking around aimlessly, you need to change your focus. Others might be partying it up during Leo season but you’re looking for something to ground you because that’s what you need at the moment.

3. Virgo

Despite your time of the year coming up next, you feel like lying low for the time being. This is the calm before the storm. You want to be well-rested, relaxed and rejuvenated before Virgo season. Practice self-love and self-care even if all the people around you are looking to external factors to have fun this Leo Season. Think about all that you want to achieve in what’s left of the year and when your birthday rolls around you’ll be ready to kick-start some really big and important projects.

4. Sagittarius

Generally a free bird, you’re always ready to go off on an adventure. This Leo season might actually open up new avenues of exploration for you. The dynamic energy that Leo radiates might push you to do something adventurous but you suddenly start finding what’s inside more exciting than the outside. You’ll start looking into meditation and other spiritual practices or go around gathering new knowledge.

5. Capricorn

This Leo season isn’t going to be fun and games for you but you’re resigned to how serious life has become. Take this time to concentrate on your bonds with people. You’ll feel like thinking about and discussing what you wish to get from a relationship and what you’d like to give. Listen to what others have to say and stay on the down-low for the time so you can analyze that information. Don’t react hastily because that will give you cause for regret.

6. Pisces

If you’ve been feeling like you’re spending too much time at work lately, that feeling is going to get worse during Leo season. You’ll find yourself desperately wishing that you could balance your career and your life but you won’t actually be doing anything to make it better. With everything that’s going on, you definitely won’t be setting aside any time to let loose because you’ve got tons on your plate.

Whatever may come at you this Leo season, just remember that this too shall pass. As long as you come out wiser, it will have been worth it.

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