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Why And How Narcissistic Men Attract Strong, Smart Women

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It is a common misconception that narcissistic, vain men are only attracted to weak-willed women who would dance on their fingertips.

In fact, the reality is entirely different. Narcissists love strong women, someone who would know what to give and to what extent.

Actually, it is true on the other side too. Strong, smart women are also inexplicably drawn towards narcissistic men because they are formidable- in a way that they know who they are, and what they have to give. They have their unique set of charms that make them impossible to resist.

A narcissistic personality disorder is a clinical diagnosis of a vain personality, but it is quite rare. The individual shows tendencies towards being arrogant or vain and is commonly found in males.

So, why does a woman get so attracted to that?

The One Girl In The World

They make you feel like you are the only woman on earth for them. They don’t ask you for hookups or one night stands- they simply want to be in a relationship with you. And that seems exciting, all of a sudden.

Yet, a girl does ignore the red flags when it comes- one of them being all their suggestions, opinions, ideas, and plans being shot down the moment they are brought up.

After that, Things Accumulate

One incident turns into two, and then into three. After sometimes, you see them turning you down, or insulting you when you have some legit concerns about things. And the, you find yourself believing that maybe you are wrong.


Another reason why women get so drawn to narcissists is that a narcissist knows to use a woman’s insecurities and inferiorities for his gain.


Another way through which a vain man would hold control over you is by gaslighting, insulting, cracking jokes in your name, and passing it as humor or simply a joke. But this is how they bring you down below them and rein their control over you.


While it would seem at first to be endearing when they are so involved in your life, but soon they would start asking you to not meet with certain people or not go out at certain points of time. But, they wouldn’t allow you to do that in their life. From endearing, to oppressive.

But, The Main Question Stays- Are They Capable Of Human Love?

Experts believe that their love is simply kept for their own identity, or rather their false sense of identity that has no similarity with what reality would be like. Their idealized sense of reality is what makes them go to great extents to protect their narcissism.

So, if you have fallen in love with such a man, don’t blame yourself for it. They are brilliant at their tactics, and you have already learned from their manipulations, whom to trust, and whom not to.

They would appeal to your sense of esteem, but you need to put your foot down.

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