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The Lionsgate Portal Is Opening This August 8th: Knocking On Heaven’s Door

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by Conscious Reminder

The Portal resides among the stars, especially between our Sun, and the Sirius star, which is why it is so vastly powerful, and glows with a light that is so divine and pure, that it contains nothing but positivity with it, drowning away all the negativity that we might have accumulated over the last month, with the retrograde and eclipse.

This would be beneficial for us, for we have come to this point, where we are behest with frustration, irritation, and annoyance because our life had come to a standstill, and we have no idea, where to go, or what to do. This portal would prove to be a solution to everything.

Considered to be directly linked to the heavens, this portal is said to bring forth greater consciousness among us mortals; that would acclimatize in our DNA, and would raise the platform that our entire being is based on.

It is this period, on August 8, that the Sun, Sirius, and the Earth will take certain positions the skies, and that would result in the portal opening, and we will receive the blessings of angels, and other otherworldly beings.

This is also the time when the star power would lead to us being forgetful of old feuds, and wishing to start life afresh, when there is so much to be had, and so much to be experienced, when life would give us so many things, courtesy of this phenomenon, of which Earth is a part.

Sirius is considered to be one of the brightest stars in the galaxy, and it is said to be one with so much power, that its influence on Earth, even from light years away, is felt during this period.

It is also worshiped in certain circles, owing to its history, and its legacy. Also, many star seeds, which have connections with Sirius, always refer to the fact that it has technology which is far superior to any present on Earth.

Even though the process started in July, the effect would be seen in August, when the Sirius, which posits itself in the Orion’s belt, and Sun in the Leo’s hit their beams towards each other, opening up the portal, which is the destination for any object that needs to be across the Universe, in a blink of an eye.

With that in mind, we would have to also remember that this portal is only for our benefit. The rays that would penetrate through the atmosphere, would hit us directly, leading humans to understand our chakras, and heal them better.

“It is this opposition that allows our newborn Sun that has been bathed in the glorious Sirian energy to send high-frequency beams directly to planet Earth. These high frequencies can make it easier for Earth’s inhabitants to receive upgrades, updates, downloads, and higher wisdom and knowledge.”

What is important is that humanity needs to keep an open mind towards this event, and not consider it to be something that has to be discarded at the first thought itself. The Lionsgate portal advises us to be empathetic towards humans in general, and accept this change as a part of life, instead of running away from it.

The journey through life cannot be made alone, and humans need to interact and establish bonds of family with each other, and that is possible, only when they communicate, in a spirit of honesty, and brotherhood.

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