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Leo Season Through Dates: Let Your Confidence Shine Through

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by Conscious Reminder

Cancer season may make you focus on matters of family and home, and self-care.

However, Leo season 2021’s energy will let us step into a more energetic, bold, and creative space.

The nourishment and self-care of Cancer season will fuel our boldness during Leo season. The Sun rules Leo. So, it is time to get out there and decide bravely.

The Sun may make us want to experiment and explore, making our confidence shine. 2021 Leo Season will provide a range of beautiful energies that will let one do exactly that.

Leo Season may offer some expansion if we were restricted or closed off. It may want us to submit to the desires within us, and give more time for playing.

Let’s take the most important dates for Leo Season 2021.

22/23 July – Leo Season Starts

We enter Leo Season after exiting the watery season of Cancer. Leo is one of the fire signs. So it is the perfect time to go outside and make headways in creative projects. It is the time to fuel the passions and work using the life-giving, creative Sun energies.

23 July – Full Moon Of Aquarius

There will be two Full Moons of Aquarius, this one being the first. This one is situated at Aquarius’ 1 degree, right where the zodiac sign starts. Whatever we notice during the first Aquarius Full Moon is possibly only the story’s half. The second will have the complete story. Chariklo, the Spirit Medicine Asteroid, is extremely active during the Full Moon, so we might walk a journey of healing.

28/29 July – Jupiter Retrograde Entering Aquarius

On 13th May, Jupiter had entered Pisces. Then on 20th June, it went retrograde. Now, it is about to re-enter Aquarius after leaving Pisces. As a result, our focus may shift onto the community, and our chosen people around us. The focus may also be on projects related to technology or the search for new types of freedom and self-expression.

26 July – Sirius Rising Or Lionsgate Portal Starts Opening

Sirius is among the biggest stars in the Milky Way. Ancient cultures across the world have followed and revered it. Sirius is considered the Sun of the Spirit. Its energy of higher frequency is believed to be able to expand and advance our consciousness. With the rising of Sirius, the Portal of Lionsgate will also start opening.

8 August – Leo New Moon + Lionsgate Portal 88

This is Leo Season’s most magical time. It sees the Lionsgate Portal fully activated as well as the New Moon of Leo. The strong energy of the lion is being offered. This can be used for setting brave, bold intentions for you as well as the collective.

The Lionsgate Portal 88 has a link with Sirius rising, the number 88, and the Sun situated in Leo. So it is time for upgrading the spiritual DNA using the Sirius and Sun energies.

This year, 8th August is also the day for the New Moon of Leo. It may provide some significant insights and breakthroughs. This day will be very effective for work on manifestation.

19 August – Uranus Retrograde

Uranus, the awakening planet, will join several other planets in retrograde. As a result, we can get deeper insights spiritually on past events. Presently, the Uranus retrograde is in Taurus. So, globally, there might be issues regarding technological industries, food supply, and humanitarian efforts.

22 August – Full Moon Of Aquarius

This one will be the 2nd Full Moon of Aquarius in 2021. It is situated at Aquarius’ 29 degrees. Its energy is beautiful and will shed more light on whatever we noticed on 23rd July. However, the sweetness of its energy will likely soften the revelation as well. The activeness of Jupiter indicates a powerful time for manifesting prosperity in every aspect of life.

22/23 August – Virgo Season

This is the conclusion of Leo Season’s fire. The earthly season of Virgo will begin from this day.

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