New Moon In Gemini On 13th June, 2018 – Careful With The Potential Dark Twin

by Conscious Reminder

June’s New Moon will take place on the 13th and it falls at 22º Gemini.

This New Moon is set to stimulate a range of stars like Anilam and Mintaka as well as Capella and Phact. The star that is nearest to the moon is El Nath. An outstanding influence of this moon is the nostalgic feeling it brings because of Ceres staying in harmony with it and the influence of Mars which makes us ponder what has already happened.

The moon can soothe you and help you move on from past grievances. The previous New Moons have been difficult and violent but this one is full of opportunities that are safe to explore.

Astrological significance of the New Moon June 2018

When you embrace the influence of the new moon your imagination will flourish. You will gain a better understanding of what is going to be trending soon. But the moon does not offer much in the way of dignified choices so it comes up with techniques to make up for that deficiency. It exposes those who are unreliable and cannot be trusted. It is not purposely dishonest but it is swayed by the emotions of the general population.

Gemini is a zodiac sign that is ready to be swayed every which way and this is only compounded by the Moon’s own emotional changeability. This leads to the propensity to talk in circles about various topics and emotions. But this positioning also enhances psychic abilities because it is so connected to the minds of the public and is ready to transform itself into whatever is necessary.

Stars influencing the New Moon June 2018

Fixed star Cappella is powerful when harnessed for practicing magic and creating amulets. It is associated with Sapphire and thyme and bestows prosperity, fame, famous connections, and more. It makes you more cautious, careful, curious, thirsty for learning and more appreciative of quirks and oddities.

Phact is the star that is the messenger for all positive tidings and food fortune. It is kind and tender and can soothe the enmity on all sides. It has power and bestows creativity.

Mintaka is one of the easiest stars to spot and along with the above mentioned two stars; it forms an image that reflects the three great pyramids in Egypt. It is also a positive influence and while each star on its own might not be ideal, the three together work very well.

El Nath is the star that brings good luck, fame and puts you in a neutral stand in all situations. Astrology says that it gives fame and prosperity to all those who are born in its light. Its blessings aren’t glorious but they are necessary.


Astrology, healing, and trade will be positively affected by this upcoming new moon. There is also some darkness to it and this will a time when cheaters, tricksters and robbers will thrive. But on the whole people will be more alert and the influence of the moon will also protect us from danger.

The issue with this new moon is that it offers you many paths to take and whichever one you pick, you will end up offending another person. Compartmentalize your life as much as you can at this point and ensure that you are doing something that is right for you.

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