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Venus Enters Capricorn On February 3rd And Opens Love Season With A Bang

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by Conscious Reminder

The month of February is at the doors, and it will bring the love season with it. For the so-called metaphysical world, it is not a surprise that on the 14th of February is Valentine’s Day.

As February is a month number two of each year, from a numerological point of view, 2 represents peace, partnership, and harmony.

Are the strings of your hearts already pulled? If this was not enough, the astrology month which comes is further going to prepare the platform for love and romance. Continue reading and find out what cosmic energy and activity to expect during the following several weeks.

Forecast of February: The romance and love are in the stars.

The planet Venus is going to enter in the sign of Capricorn on the 3rd of February, who is the hardworking and enthusiastic Earth sign that knows how it can make the things last.

This sign prioritizes integrity and respect, so at the time when the planet of love will enter in its world, it will be time to get on with it and make it count. We should use the transit in order to be real about our needs and what we think we deserve – if we are in a romantic relationship, we should not make promises which we cannot keep.

On the 10th of February, the planet Mercury is going to shift from Aquarius into the sign of Pisces, particularly in its realm of imagination and romance. This will be an excellent chance to pour the heart into the words. We should let our loved ones to know our feelings.

On the 14th of February, at the time of Valentine’s Day, the planet Mars, which is the one which governs the sex drive, is going to enter in the indulgent and sensual sign of Taurus. Apart from that sexuality, this planet is also the ruler of our capability to follow our desires.

Taurus is about commitment, but just when it determines that it is something worth. If the person we are lusting after will add long-term and real value to our life, we should align our drive with things that are sustainable, unique and even really pleasurable for us.

On the 18th of February, the Sun will enter into the sign of Pisces. The season of Pisces is going to encourage every one of us to believe in romance and love – that love which transcends the body, space and time. At the time of the transit, we should channel the powers of empathy, heartfelt imagination and compassion of Pisces, and infuse them in everything we do.

Love exists in different forms.

The talks about romance and love may get us excited, but they may also fill us with dread. We can surely talk about them, but it does not mean that we will always be able to feel them.

During this period of the year, feeling lonely is not really uncommon – however, we have to keep in mind that love can come in a lot of different forms, always being around us, and waiting for us to open ourselves and then receive it.

According to ancient Greeks, there are several love types and forms, and some of them are:

Eros – the emotional and sexual passion. Although Eros is powerful and primal, it may burn out very fast without a more profound love form which will strengthen it.

Philia – the profound affection and also friendship – the love which is shared among equals.

Storge – this is the familiar love, in fact, the type of love which is shared among parents and their children, or also childhood friends that continued their bond when they became adults. 

Agape – the unconditional and unearned love. It is sacrificing, selfless, forgiving or deeply spiritual. This is the kind of love which our Spirits feel toward us, the love form which transcends space and time.

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