Never Settle For Less

by Conscious Reminder

Life is too long to get complacent. And too short to not give us what we deserve. If something doesn’t provide us with the basic sense of happiness and welfare, and yet we are stuck in the rat race, it is our fault.

How do we survive in an environment which constricts our growth and development? Even though growth and change can be quite torturous, it isn’t worse than being in monotony.

Boring Job? Quit It.

You might feel extremely nervous, the first day out of the office. You must be thinking that every road on the way to success has been slammed on your face. But that is not the case. You must realize that life isn’t just about one single opportunity.

Jobs will come, cash will flow. You will find the light at the end of the tunnel, but that will only come if you look towards the uncertain future and decide to jump into it. Staying in your comfort zone is going to render you into a state of complacency.

If you move out, things might seem tough, but at least you would give your all to an uncertain future with zeal in your mind.

Losing Out On Friends? Find Better Ones.

In the grander scheme of things, you would come across a lot of people who would be acquaintances and then friends. Life is all about changing and growing.

If your life makes you lose friends, you need to decide which one is more important – your happiness, or friends who would rather make sure you don’t progress?

And let’s be honest, if they are real friends, they would always catch up, however far they might be at. A fake friend is easy to come by and even easier to lose. Trust us, you wouldn’t be missing out on much.

But if you neglect what’s good for you in the hopes of being friends with people who don’t particularly care about you, that’s a mistake hard to forget or compensate for.

Relationship Sucks? Leave It.

There is more to both love and life than scrambling and searching for love. Yes, love makes us do things that we probably wouldn’t do on other occasions.

But if your love results in ignored phone calls and angry, curt texts, maybe your love is wasted on someone.

Now, you could be very complacent in your present relationship even though it might be bad. You might be afraid to be alone in the whole wide world after a long time, but things shouldn’t happen at the cost of your self-esteem.

Don’t hold out on true love because you feel your present predicament is what you deserve. You always deserve better.

Life is too short to waste our precious time on things that don’t matter.

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