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Mercury In Leo On August 11th: Time To Shine Proudly

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by Conscious Reminder

Get ready to roar this month when Mercury shifts to Leo in August 2019. Communication from Mercury will get a loving boost from Leo, making us speak from our hearts.

Leo’s enthusiasm and self-expression will combine with Mercury’s direct communication and yes you will be heard clearly.

Leo’s influence will add flair even to the language you use. Statistics will now be replaced by drama and extravagance. The strong transit is here for all the drama!

Mercury In Leo

Fiery Leo is here to make sure all your communications are direct and you will hold nothing back. Leo provides you with all the confidence to speak your mind but make sure you aren’t hurting anyone. Focus on honesty, not brutality.

Mercury and Leo combine their powers to cater to a better social life. Laughter and joy will be accompanied by Leo’s witty banter.

Leo season is your time to dazzle. If you have been putting off your public speaking event, now is a great time to do it. Mercury and the Lion are here to back you!

You can use this time to channelize your enthusiasm and passion into some artistic pursuit.

Leo Mercury Retrograde

As if Mercury Retrograde isn’t chaotic enough, Leo will now also sprinkle some its theatricality. They will influence you to be bold, urgent, and dramatic. Be careful of your over-expressive selves, things could tumble down real soon.

Leo, in particular, could make you feel like your ideas are the ultimate answers to everything. Be careful not to be overbearing and forcing your own beliefs onto others. Don’t let Leo’s influence get to you, try to stay grounded and in control.

Were You Born In Leo Mercury?

Traits: Authoritative, Confident, Creative, Dramatic, Enthusiastic, Persuasive, Playful, Warm

Would we be too wrong to guess you have an innate talent for drama and flair? The spotlight loves you as much as you love it. You love to entertain your audience and they have no qualms about cheering you because you give them the best! Your fervor, combined with slight exaggeration and fun, make you great storytellers.

Headstrong and firm in your beliefs, you can come off as pushy at times with your over-the-top enthusiasm. You have the Lion’s pride but it can bruise easily as well.

You don’t like when people disagree with you or take you to be a know-it-all. People often fail to recognize your passion and how much you love to share it, and they misinterpret it as showing off.

Your charisma and warmth make sure you always have a crowd around. Your professional life and your social life both benefit from your in-born talent of being a leader.

For you, even reaching the stars is not enough. You focus on the bigger picture and try to make it even better. Your creativity needs to flow freely that’s why you don’t like to tend to the trivial matters.

Let your inner Lion or Lioness shine as Mercury transits in Leo. Enjoy the limelight, speak from your heart, and be careful not to be overbearing on others.

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