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Extremely Potent Full Moon In Leo Rising Today: Love Mode On

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by Conscious Reminder

2019 is not going to be easy. When the Full Moon will happen in Leo, there will be a deep transformation within all of us that will take place. It will make us grow internally and let the consciousness that we hold within us rise and fill our lives. It will bring back meaning to our lives, which we did not think we held.

Where does it go from here?

Venus will be in conjunct with Jupiter and will square Neptune in Pisces; Pluto and Mercury will enter in Capricorn; Saturn in Capricorn will square Mars in Aries.

While we slowly inch closer to the Full Moon in Leo, our purpose will become more defined in front of us. Before us lies an unpredictable path, and while we may be afraid of what it can bring in the future, it will also show us the point where we should go that will be the most secure one. We shall have to explore new and contradictory paths during this time.

The Solar Eclipse that took place on the 5th of January had exposed our lives and what it demanded from us. Now, the Lunar eclipse will show the growth that we could expect from this path.

Since Venus’s cycle with Jupiter is coming to an end, we will have a period of retrospection as we finish the cycle with the planets. We have grown over this period, learned, and gained a lot of wisdom. We now have to use both the past knowledge and our present resilience to sustain ourselves as this new energy comes down on us.

Moving back

Uranus in Aries will square both the Moon Leo and the Sun in Aquarius, including the Lunar Nodes taking place in Capricorn/Cancer.

While the energy from the lunar eclipse will make us feel limited, it will also bring out our creative side. It is strangely paradoxical that this eclipse that is supposed to liberate us is actually going to arise from our limitations.

So, we have to deal with both limitations and liberations, as the combination of the two will open up a new direction for us. Uranus is currently in the final degrees of Aries, and as it ends its cycle, it will bring a whole new change for all of us. It might be difficult to grasp such a transformation.

During the times when a planet enters a sign, the influence infuses within us. The opposite happens during the times when a planet departs from a sign. Then, we only have impressions that the planet had left behind. In 2011, we had begun our Liberation journey and now we have got the freedom from what we know. In 2019, we write our own stories.

As Uranus will square the Lunar Nodes, it will bring up some unfinished business back to your sight. It might seem like we are moving towards the past again, but it is necessary.

When Solar and Lunar energy combine, we have to have a complete transformation. During a complete transformation, it is expected that we tie up all the lose ends and close the chapters which had started. It is only by integrating the old and the new that we can transform completely.

Going for the New Horizons

Mars in Aries will trine Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius; Chiron in Pisces will trine the Leo Moon and it will sextile Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn.

Mars in Aries generally tends to reflect the energy that is necessary to move forward and to establish a specific path to grow. However, it is quite uncertain, because what you knew once is no longer in the future.

While we need to integrate the uncertainty, Mars will also trine Jupiter and Venus, an alignment that will tell you that you do not need to just throw away whatever you have learned in the older times but keep it close and it will help you as tools for your progress in the new path.

Chiron will also trine the moon and suggest that there is a change that the Lunar Eclipse will bring in the long-run. It can also suggest a journey of healing for all of us. Chiron comes as a guide to understand how we can tackle the limitations that we are facing at this moment. As we are moving along the line of self-transformation, the alignment will help to unearth different answers to what we seek.

The message of the Full Moon

We see things as they are – as containers within a physical realm. However, there is a lot more within our limited consciousness that we cannot fathom. We should start to consider them as representations which contain the consciousness. The more deeply we think about who we are and our deeper inspiration, the more we realize that we are floating in an ocean of consciousness. It is present in every part of our reality.

The deep transformation that we will be going through will occur both on an individual level as well as collectively. As we remove pain from our body during the transformation, we will slowly become one with the meaning of our lives on a deeper level. We need to allow the essence to come up and be a part of us, fill the container present in us.

Our passion and the eclipse want us to let go of our limitations and let this inner essence flow though our body. Our authentic natures – the truth about us is slowly coming up and trying to heal us.

\We have placed boundaries around it but it is far too strong to be contained. Sometimes, we might feel frustrated but that is because our dreams are slowly beginning to come up to the surface.

We had never thought that we would be capable of holding so much. Our limited thought process failed to understand that, inside, we held so much power. So, we just need to readjust our limitation and expand it further so that we can be a better container that holds all our conscious energy.

The energy rises within us – do not limit yourself. Don’t hold yourself back –be one with it.

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