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6 Habits Of Untrustworthy People That Will Help You Protect Yourself

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by Conscious Reminder

Trust is the foundation of any relationship – be it with friends, romantic partners, or even a mentor-student relationship. Even if you are talking to a stranger, you need some amount of trust that makes you initiate the conversation, right?

However, it is rightly said that trust needs to be earned. While you might have an initial speck of trust in your friends, that trust grows when you interact and learn more about your friends. Thus, your friend earns your trust.

However, there are many people who are untrustworthy. If you trust them and they break your trust, it can damage you a lot. You might even stop trusting people altogether. So, it’s always best to identify some of the characteristics of untrustworthy people.

Here are some of the traits that untrustworthy people show:

1. Changing Friends

If someone has few friends or is in unfavorable terms with their previous friends, then you should be a bit careful. Generally, it means that your friend does not sit well with other people because people identify that they are not trustworthy. On the other hand, if your friend has a lovely group and has been a part of them for quite a long time, that means, they trust them. So, you can say that your friend is likely to be trustworthy.

2. Revealing Secrets

If your friend is revealing some confidential information about some other friend, then you can be sure that that person is not a trustworthy person. It means that they might be revealing certain confidential information about you to another person as well. They love gossiping and so, they would like to extract secrets from others to get good materials for gossip. It’s their way of getting close to other people.

3. Self-delusional

A person who lies to themselves or rather has set up a reality for themselves that is not true, then that person is untrustworthy. They have created a stubborn perception about themselves which they are not willing to break even if they are proven otherwise. An example is a person who claims to be a calm person but whom you find loud and boastful. That is an instant red flag.

4. No Communication, No Empathy

There is no problem with someone being closed, but if you are very intimate with that person, chances are they will open up eventually. If they don’t make an effort to communicate even after you attempt to do so several times, then that could be a red flag. Plus, they lack empathy too. They don’t flinch when they hurt others indirectly. That’s why they can easily reveal secrets about their friends without imagining what consequence it can lead to.

5. Jealousy

Even if they may not show it, these people are full of jealousy. They may want to cheer you up when you are achieving something, but inside they are jealous. That’s why you might find them trying to do the same thing as you so that they could do it better. Jealous people are often resentful towards their competitors and so, are quite easy to spot.

6. Turning Their Back On You

They are very quick to turn their back on you to impress others. When it is just between the two of you, they are really friendly but when they come to a group, they end up not ‘knowing’ you at all. They might even gossip about you and laugh at you in front of the group. That’s how they want to impress others. It just shows that their affection towards you is superficial.

If you find any of these signs in your friend, then talk and break the friendship. Make a choice as soon as possible.

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