Get Ready For Another Energy Shift As Mercury Goes Retrograde

by Conscious Reminder

Mercury is going Retrograde on 17th February 2020 in Pisces. It will go direct on 10th March 2020 in Aquarius.

As we know, Mercury is the ruler of communication, thus it controls our mind, thoughts and speech.

When it goes in Retrograde motion the hidden areas of our mind are illuminated. During this time one can hone their communication skills.

You may feel that the outer world is being chaotic right now. This is because your focus is to be shifted to your inner world.

Mercury Going Retrograde In Pisces

This will increase our intuitive and psychic powers. Messages may get conveyed through dreams or signs. You may need to vent out your feelings during this time.

It may also lead to delays and miscommunication. You have to be patient in handling such difficulties.

Retrograde Mercury Going Through Aquarius

The Retrograde Mercury will enter Aquarius on the 4th of March. It will lead to us thinking about our communication with others. You may find people from your past cropping up suddenly as things were not given closure then.

This will be the time when you’ll start seeing things more clearly.

While this time will be chaotic and confusing, it will also open new dimensions of your mind. The feeling of accomplishing something difficult is immensely satisfying.

And this accomplishment is due to our mind, it motivates us from within. It has the power to make us believe in something or break a previous belief. What we think affects our mind.     

All of us see the same world, but each one of us perceives it differently based on their upbringing and consciousness level. The energy of this Retrograde Mercury will reprogram our minds.

You just have to keep the doors of your consciousness open to receive the guidance. It will help you come in control of your decisions and feelings; you’ll not feel like a mere pawn in the universe’s big game.

The initial weeks of the New Year have been witnessing intense energies. And this Retrograde is helping you to process all those energies you’d absorbed recently.

The energy of rebirth and regeneration is very strong currently and it will strengthen our minds. You have 2 options for coping up with it- either complain and be annoyed at the chaos or figure out a way to get through it.

It’s up to you which way you are going to choose. The universe is here to guide you, listen to it carefully.

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