Who Are The Light Beings Made Of Pure Energy?

by Conscious Reminder

Light Beings are pure energy beings, that only exist in the higher realms of the Spiritual Universe. Usually, their existence lies in the 5th or higher dimensions.

They exude high vibrations of energy, while also being very tall. They also seem to be a facsimile of Solar Energy when surrounding us. In certain situations, light beings might attempt to communicate with us, in order to pass on some form of transmission. The energy that they send can pass by layers of Spiritual Energy in seconds.

Masters who have ascended are usually Light Beings under disguise. Some Light Beings might also masquerade as humans and live with us. One example could be the Siddhas belonging to the Himalayas.

They do not age nor do they have a spatial or temporal location. Their meditation increases the vibrations of the Earth. There are seemingly 215 Siddhas present on Earth at this moment, who can transform their body into light, dematerialize and materialize at their own will.

We mere mortals can contact these higher beings by some select methods. Here are a few common ones:


You need to be in a delta stage, where you can access the transmission required to contact higher beings. Also, this would result in a lot of meditation, for it is all about increasing one’s vibrational energy.

Astral Travel

You can contact Light Beings on the astral plane. You can induce an astral trip, and set your intentions on contacting a Light Being.

Dream Visits

You can also establish contact with a Light Being while in a dreamscape. All you need to do is simply make a wish before going to bed about meeting a divine being, and see it manifesting in true time.

How Do They Communicate With Us?

The mode of communication of Light Beings is as intriguing as they themselves. Light Beings’ preferred mode of communication is usually through telepathy. Since most higher dimensional beings live in an etheric form, they are similar to aliens who too can communicate through telepathy.

What we see as physical reality on Earth, is the condensed form of the etheric form of consciousness. The 3rd dimension imagines consciousness to be written, or heard, but in the 5th dimension, it all happens via the mind.

You can try establishing contact with Light Beings through the abovementioned methods. Be respectful of them and their wisdom when you are successful.

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