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Dos, Don’ts & Things You Need To Know About Kundalini Awakening

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by Conscious Reminder

The energy activation on the spine is called Kundalini. Throughout history, Kundalini has been accorded different forms, usually as a serpentine goddess that lives in the base of the spine and which periodically moves up to the head in order to help the individual attain enlightenment.

Now, it is inadvertent that the Kundalini would go through all the major Chakras before reaching the head, which actually helps the other Chakras attain stimulation or activation at the same time.

This brings in a whole lot of energy and stability to the vibrational spectrum of an individual which had remained blocked. This gives the person a lot of strength and a huge deal of responsibility.

Although painful, Kundalini rising brings out a spiritual elation that nullifies all pain. You might still suffer from back pain for quite a few days after that. The real hitch is if your body isn’t ‘pure’ enough before the ritual takes place, it would soon try working overtime to purify and stabilize itself.

This is to make sure that all the new energies and experiences that are coming in, do not make matters worse for the body and soul.

All you need to do to not get this pain in the first place is periodically purify your body using yoga, exercise, meditation, diet, etc., which would ensure that the process goes extremely smoothly.

You need to realize that Kundalini can only be achieved if your actions are completely selfless and in devotion to bettering the condition of humanity all around you.

Usually, it comes naturally, when you mature into a kinder, more benevolent human. Be ready for it when you are in midst of a spiritual trance and hit upon an epiphany.

There are ways to bring about Kundalini faster, using Kundalini yoga for instance, but this is simply going to force it. And while it might be alright to try this before an expert practitioner, it can get fatal if tried without supervision.

This Kundalini energy is only provided to those who have shown their devotion to mankind and their selflessness behind their actions. You will get books which will tell you how to do it, but you would be playing with fire.

You can also get medicines, drugs, and other substances that might help you achieve this. There have been cases of teachers providing their students with ‘shakti’, used to accelerate Kundalini. And while they did receive the energy of the Kundalini for a short interval,  it didn’t necessarily make them a better human.

In reality, it brings about exactly what you wanted to eliminate- a spiritual ego. It’s all about the journey. If you are provided with a shortcut, you would never undergo the transformation that comes with taking on such a perilous task.

Sure, you would reach the top, and sure you might enjoy some exhilaration, but that would be incredibly short-lived and your fall would be dramatic.

It’s not wrong to see what’s on the other side of it. It can be used to motivate someone or push someone in the necessary direction. But usually, people have either of the following two mindsets, after they have settled down from the high.

1. They realize their folly and try walking in the direction of truth and wisdom.

2. Or, they believe they have experienced it all and have nothing to work on it for.

Don’t be the second.

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