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A Deeper Look Into The Mystical Labradorite Stone And Its Healing Characteristics

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by Conscious Reminder

Also referred to as the Aurora Borealis because it forms different colors under any light, the Labradorite Stone is a special stone.

It is a barrier against negative energy while also preventing leakage of your positive energy. Let’s look into the different characteristics of this wonderful stone:

Healing Properties

These stones help in cases of gout, cold or warts. It also is quite effective against brain and eye disorders. Finally, the stones help in balancing metabolism rates, hormones all the while making sure that the body isn’t consumed by stress or tension.

Emotional Healing

They are useful when balancing both the chakras and the emotions. They also help in bringing forth a balance between the subconscious and the conscious mind. They also wrap your aura in a shield so that it doesn’t get affected by the negativity all around. They help transform a person, while also preventing them from getting surrounded by evil projections.

Relation With Chakras

The labradorite stone is always used in relation to the higher consciousness and the higher chakras. It carries a lot of spiritual wisdom, due to being mystical in nature. Attaching it to your third eye can make you a different person spiritually.


It was first found in 1770 in the Isle of Paul and named after the area, Labrador present in Canada. After a while, people there started referring to its optical effect as the labradorescence. The Innuits claim that the Northern lights were captured within the stones, so they remain illuminated forever. It also helps in bringing light to any individual and helps them listen to their inner soul.


It can be found in Greenland, Scandinavia, Finland, Italy, Russia, Norway, Madagascar, and Canada. You might be able to find it in your area too since it’s so popular.


Labradorite with a complete range of color fetches a good value in the market. Larger pieces of this stone are mostly used in furniture, as well as kitchen tiles or countertops. The finer, tinier and rarer pieces can be kept as expensive ornaments. The lesser valuable ones aren’t as vivid and beautiful and hence, they are kept as pendants.


Wearing the labradorite as a pendant will help with the cleansing of your aura whilst keeping you protected. For more protection, keep it in the house. If you want to activate certain areas in your body, then try placing this on your crown chakra or forehead.

Get a boost in your spiritual side with the Labradorite stone.

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