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The Astrological Significance Of The Spring Equinox In 2019

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by Conscious Reminder

The Spring Equinox is going to take place on March 20th and 21st. The sun will be moving into Aries and as it crosses that constellation, we will have a wonderful period of same hours of day and night.

As Aries is the first Zodiac sign in the Zodiac cycle, the Sun entering Aries represents the beginning of a new cycle. Plus, the Equinox represents the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. The change of seasons is on the way and each of them has a special meaning attached to it.

Spring means the time of the year when flowers start to bloom. We have passed the cold winters and now, it is time for growth and new beginnings. The energy of Spring is about moving from our inner selves to an external manifestation. It’s about rejuvenation and birth – giving a fresh start to our lives.

Autumn, on the other hand, is the season of death. We are moving closer to winter and it reminds us of the inevitability of death. But the best part of this cycle is the memory of Spring – that rebirth will arrive and it is just around the corner.

It is important for some things to die so that they can replenish and be reborn again, with a purpose much greater than before. Autumn encourages us to draw ourselves inside.

We look inside and think about our lives – we process our thoughts well and try to let go. It is the time to declutter our mind and make room for the new that will come to us in Spring.

The equinoxes are special and they have different vibrational energies based on the movement in the universe. In 2019, the Equinox is taking place quite near the Libra Super Moon.

It signifies release and wants us to purge ourselves as we let go and move forward. Libra is judicious and loves balance, so this year, we might find the balance necessary for our lives. We bring harmony of body, soul, and mind and thereby, nurture each component within us. It makes our inner lives important.

However, this year, Chiron is also going to align with the Sun. This happens every year but it is after fifty years that the Sun is meeting Chiron in Aries. When the planets align, Chiron will reveal some secrets to the Sun.

This wisdom will shine upon us throughout the year. The asteroid, Chiron, is a wounded healer and shows us that wounds do not have to be symbols of weakness. They can be our strength too if we allow it to be so.

With Chiron, we can develop the strength to use our wounds as areas of wisdom and heal ourselves through it. So, during this year, we will be working on our wounds and trying to heal ourselves.

We will not try to fix it, but rather, convert the wounds into a part of us, defining who we really are. The balance of the Libra Super Moon will help us acknowledge ourselves as a whole and find the necessary balance required to be whole.

The astrological year brings a lot of energy to work with. We have been defeated by our inner wounds before, but not anymore– the wounded healer comes to us to help us find the strength in our wounds.

Balance is the key – so, don’t let anything dominate you. Sometimes, life can be difficult and it can try to dominate you – but it will only do so if you allow it. Infuse yourself with the Libra Super Moon energy and let harmony be a part of you.

Happy Equinox!

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