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Things To Understand To Maintain A Healthy Third Eye Chakra

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by Conscious Reminder

One significant aspect of our wellbeing and living our life with harmony, vitality and aligned with our Soul Truth is maintaining our chakras healthy and balanced.

One chakra which specifically has the responsibility for our reality, manifesting, intuitive wisdom and perception is the so-called Third Eye Chakra. It is the doorway to our Soul Truth and Spirituality.

This chakra is the place where our natural world and our conscious mind meet, and it is a vital chakra to us as it permits us to actually cut through illusion and fantasy, and access our more profound Soul Truths. Bringing the two different worlds together means enhancing our own capacity to manifest.

We all have this chakra, and it is through keeping it balanced and healthy and safely opening that we find more prosperity and success in our lives.

Basic information about the Third Eye Chakra:

  • Location: This chakra is the chakra number six, and it is placed on our forehead in between, slightly above the eyebrows.
  • Function: This chakra is the place where our natural world and conscious mind meet. It actually lets us see possibility and potential beyond our physical world too.
  • Color: This chakra is associated with purple or indigo color.

Signs indicating that the Third Eye Chakra is open or is opening:

  • Buzzing, pressure increase, and tingling in the area above or between the eyebrows;
  • Increase in the desire to actually touch the Third Eye or feel as someone touches it;
  • A beautiful, warm sensation when placing our hand over this chakra;
  • An enhanced trust in our insight which comes from inside;
  • Healing of issues which we had trouble to resolve and heal for ourselves, and feeling of wholeness;
  • Increase in migraines and headaches.

Signs indicating that the Third Eye Chakra is blocked or inactive:

  • Feeling sluggish, lifeless, and passive about our life;
  • Find ourselves with wishful thinking, without taking action;
  • Lack of clarity and sense of groundedness, and feeling confused.
  • Signs indicating that the Third Eye Chakra is overactive:
  • Easily reacting to others, and feeling too agitated and lively;
  • Behaving aggressively;
  • Narrow-minded, frustrated, and arrogant;
  • Lack of happiness and joy in our life;
  • Not achieving our goals.

How to support our Third Eye which is healthy?

  • Do different

We should explore distinct viewpoints, and also learn new things by placing ourselves in various places in order to explore them. We should explore classrooms, communities, new TV shows, documentaries related to something different than our beliefs, etc. We should do something that we don’t normally do, merely to practice open-mindedness and do our best to release the outcomes of our experiences. We should move towards comfort zones too.

  • Grounding

We should practice some grounding exercises on a daily basis. One such activity, which is probably the easiest, is being entirely present in a specific moment and knowing that everything that happens occurs for us and to us. We should focus on our breath in order to help us be present. We can do breath-work at any time. Moreover, meditation is another excellent way to ground ourselves.

  • Discern what we eat

We should eliminate the unhealthy processed foods from our diet, and drink plenty of water. Also, for those of us who are tea-lovers, we can use organic ones with some herbs listed below, in the last section.

  • Aroma

We should use herbs such as basil, star anise, jasmine, passion flower, lavender, blue lotus, and rosemary. We can diffuse these herbs, apply their essential oils, or burn incense.

Just like we do anything in order to maintain our body healthy, such as visiting the dentist, brushing our teeth, and so on, we also have to take more care of our energy. We should learn this just for ourselves, and live a better life.

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