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How To Develop Spiritual Health — 11 Important Rules

by consciousreminder
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by Melisa Marzett
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Spiritual health is always more important than physical, because, although the body and spirit are mutually connected, mental problems are much more dangerous for general well-being. Whatever your healthy body, spiritual issues can deprive you of this.

Spiritual health is also called energy because it is directly related to the person’s chakras, one`s aura. If you always want to feel good, then you need to concentrate not only on physical exercises but also on the state of mind. The right attitude is still more important than the state of the body, although the latter should also not be neglected in any case.

Rules of life for spiritual health

Rule #1 Do not set yourself impossible tasks. Be modest in this regard – set feasible tasks, carry them out gradually. If you want everything at once, then the absence of a positive result will inevitably disappoint you, which can lead to problems in the future. As they say, perseverance helps to overcome all difficulties, but you should not show recklessness and blindly follow a dream through impassable wilds.

Rule #2 If something does not suit you in life, then begin any changes with yourself. The world can never adapt to you, so you need to adapt to it. If you want to be treated with respect, you need to earn this respect. If you need fame, then be original. If you crave money, then work and do not be lazy.

Rule #3 Do not interfere in someone else’s life. Everyone has the right to personal space and individual mistakes. Even if you are wise beyond your years, if your life experience is vast, you should not impose your point of view on anyone. This will not only negatively affect the mood of this person, but also your spiritual health because a person can hate you. Put yourself in his place and understand that this is wrong. 

Rule #4 Forget offenses and forgive people. In fact, in importance, this rule should be in one of the very first places. The truth is that the insults that accumulate inside us for years and decades devour our energy from the inside, breaking spiritual health, undermining it in the bud. It can be difficult, but you will notice how your life will change immediately after accepting this rule for necessity.

Rule #5 Be sincere. When you tell the truth, you save yourself nerves, time. In the modern world, it is impossible always to tell the truth, so you have to learn to share situations when the lie will be saved and when not. In any case, the less you lie to people, the easier it is to live.

Rule #6 Do not expect recognition from the public. What is the meaning of recognition? It simply does not exist, because there is no need to prove anything to this world. Everything that you do, you do for yourself. It is necessary to accept this because the life of each person requires a little egoism.

Do not confuse the concept of “living for yourself” and “being selfish.” Egoists usually forget about other people, and those who live for themselves do good to all their loved ones because the happiness of a loved one is your happiness.

Rule #7 Do not envy anyone. This is a terrible feeling that destroys happiness. There are no two identical people. Pleasure is not born in material values, but love can always be found. Joy is carried only within you. Only then it seeps into this world, creating what you think, dream of. Fate can only be changed by thoughts and faith in an idea.

Rule #8 If you can’t change something, then humble yourself. A striking example is relations with people of any order – parents, love, marriage, children. By about 12-13 years, a person is fully formed, so changing it no longer makes sense. This is the law of nature, and we are so arranged.

You can tell a person that something offends you in his behavior, but you should not hope that your advice or orders will change a person. He may hate you. If someone is not suitable for you, do not communicate with him. In general, it is most difficult to change people, and therefore, if you have problems with love, money, or health, then you can always change it.

Rule #9 Know how to relax. Rebooting is needed not only for phones and computers. Rest on time. This applies not only to semi-annual leave but also to rest during the working day. Turn off the brain by closing your eyes and not thinking about anything.

It’s hard, but then you will get better and better. This is something like meditation, so first, you need to lower the pulse with deep breathing and gradually disconnect from the world. Ten minutes will be more than enough.

Rule #10 Properly allocate your time. This is very important in our dynamic world. The fact is that you need to relax and work alternately, simultaneously leaving time for family or soul mate, for entertainment, without which life will become dull and monotonous. Everything needs to be done, so plan things as often as possible, giving work 60 percent of the time, rest – 10, the rest – 20 and entertainment – 10.

Rule #11 Remember that all good and all bad comes back to you. This is a boomerang effect when any good deed makes you better, and a bad one takes luck, health, and mood. This law is also called karma, but it does not matter what it is called. It only makes sense how well you understand this. If you want people to relate to you well, and good luck does not turn away from you, act in good faith.

Each of these rules requires a special relationship. These are time-tested dogmas, so don’t make a mistake by skipping this information. These are the most straightforward rules that everyone can follow. The defining moment here is only your desire to become better.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a freelance writer, who has been working as a journalist, a translator, and a traveler working for www.resumeperk.com writing articles about different things. She is hardworking, curious by nature, easy-going, fun, and adventurous. She loves life, people, animals, quality, and surprises.

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