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16 Spiritual Signs Your Soul Is Ready To Transcend To Higher Realms Of Existence

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We are all spiritual beings. As we evolve and raise our consciousness, our spiritual awakening heightens.

In this awakening process, how fast or how slow we go is of no importance. What matters is that we grow and evolve at a pace we are comfortable with. That’s balance!

At times, keeping up with our awakening is challenging, especially when we are forced to traverse into an unknown future.

Yet, all this spiritual cleansing helps us to transcend our soul into higher realms of existence.

16 Spiritual Signs Your Soul is Ready to Transcend

If you experience any of these 16 signs, your soul is ready to transcend to its higher levels of consciousness.

1. Your intuition intensifies and your consciousness becomes clear.

When faced with a sudden situation that requires you to make important decisions, you listen more to what your heart and soul are telling you.

Sudden insights flood in your mind giving you an intensified sensitivity to your surroundings. Your awareness of the whole situation becomes clearer than it was before.

2. You are insanely sensitive and experience intense tides of emotions.

Emotions like anger, sadness, depression, happiness or appreciation seem to come out of nowhere causing you to have mood swings. These emotions may affect your demeanor and at times seem to be uncontrollable.

When you let go of people or situation that no longer match to your vibrational frequency, you are likely to suffer from depression. But that’s a time for cleansing.

You feel such intense emotions because all your unconscious emotional pain you carry around wants to be cleansed. It wants you to feel it and let go of it in order to grow.

Once you acknowledge these emotions, it is easier to let them go. You could breathe from the heart chakra, feel the emotion, then see it as it evaporates on its own.

The circumstances might look difficult, but when you trust the Universe, you could never sway away from your right path.

3. You feel bursts of intense energy.

Aside from the emotional roller-coaster that you feel at times, you are also bound to feel sudden bursts of energy.

You wake up one day and notice you’re so full of energy that you want to leap out of bed.

Allow these episodes to happen as, after them, you are about to experience bouts of fatigue. Roll with the flow because shifts are meant to happen in spiritual awakenings.

Take care of yourself by embracing your emotions and being gentle with them. Do something productive when you have the intense energy and take naps or rest when fatigue overcomes you. Nurture yourself.

4. You feel that you are alone in the whole world.

There are moments when you feel that you are all alone in the world. You may also feel that you are alone in dealing with such stressful situation without knowing how to cope with it.

Despite all this, the Universe has your back. Know that somewhere out there someone is going through the same ordeal.

Most people who are being primed for transcending to higher realms of existence go through periods when they feel they are all alone, like a caterpillar in its cocoon.

Things will fall into place the way they’re meant to. You just have to trust the process and you’ll be fine. You are becoming a butterfly.

5. You yearn for meaning, purpose, connection, and comfort.

You reach a point where you seemed to feel your life is going nowhere and is not making any sense at all. The truth is your life does possess meaning regardless of what you do.

It’s your spiritual awakening that urges you to find a deeper meaning and connection to life so you may discover your true purpose.

No matter how small your influence is on others, you have touched them in ways unknown to you.

You have a reason to be here, and you can expand your reason once you know your purpose.

6. You experience moments of divine wholeness.

The Universe cares about you. It makes you feel fully supported, loved, and comforted at times through the people surrounding you.

Sometimes you feel these moments when you are listening to music or indulging in an activity that really makes you feel divine.

You feel as though you are emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually whole. You feel stronger and more powerful than you have ever felt.

Cherish these moments and remember those activities that help you flow with this alignment with your Higher Self.

7. You feel closer to animals, other creatures and the Earth itself.

You realize one day that you have a certain affinity for animals. You adore them and tend to love them.

You feel closer to the Earth as well. There are days when you simply want to be with nature and appreciate its beauty.

This means that you are tuned to the harmonious frequency of love that surrounds all of us.

Vibrating through love is how you evolve your soul and transcend your consciousness.

8. You have a desire to meet your Twin Flame or Soul Mate.

The desire to meet your Twin Flame or Soul Mate arises because you are clean of egoistic intents of looking for people who fill some hole inside your psyche. You want the real thing! Your intent is purse love!

You want to be around like-minded individuals. Whether you are seeking a friendship or a romantic relationship, having people who have the same vibrational frequency as yours is more appealing to you than looks or social status.

There’s only one catch: you have to become the person you wish to attract. Once you do, the right person suddenly comes along emitting a frequency that matches yours.

Use this desire as a reminder of what you need to become. In fact, that’s the purpose of wanting to meet your Twin Flame, to help you become the truest version of yourself.

9. You easily manifest thoughts and desires.

Know that where your attention is, that’s where your energy goes.

Vibrating on a higher frequency means that the power you give your thoughts is much stronger.

It’s normal if you notice that it’s easier for you to manifest thoughts and desires. It means you are raising your vibration.

This is why it is important for you to meditate and clean your mind regularly.

10. You feel the need to live your purpose.

Your purpose is what brings you here. The way to recognizing it is by moving to the direction of your passions, talents and what your heart loves doing.

Following your heart will eventually lead you closer to your purpose.

It makes no sense at first. But when you know you are doing what you need to do at the moment, all the rest will come into place.

Knowing that your heart is in the right place is the way towards your purpose. Your Spirit Guides are also ready to assist you once you need them.

11. You see your truth everywhere.

New spiritual perspectives start to attract you and you’re becoming more interested in learning more about yourself and the world in general.

After a little bit of introspection you start to develop your own truth about the world, and then something interesting happens.

You find your own truth everywhere! You see it in the books you read, movies you watch, songs you listen to.

You suddenly find other people through doing research and asking questions, that believe in exactly the same things as you.

12. You notice synchronicity is rapidly happening in your life.

Spiritual phenomena opens its doors to you. You may notice repeating portents, illusions, symbols, numbers, or visions.

Because of your heightened awareness, you readily receive messages from your Spirit Guides. One of these signs are synchronicities and they start to happen more frequently.

Even the dreams you dream start to become more vivid and feel more real than ever.

You might experience moments where you think of something and you see that thing immediately afterwards. It can be a symbol, a song, or even a friend calling you.

13. You feel you are more attuned to nature.

This time you may be more aware of the four seasons or cycles of the moon. They might affect you more through your energy and emotions.

With this, you are provided with a stronger connection to the earth, the cosmos and your surroundings.

You slowly realize your heightened spiritual aptitude and how we are all connected.

This happens because, as you raise your vibration and transcend your consciousness you start looking at the bigger picture where everything is one and connected to everything else.

14. Your learning and growth are accelerating fast.

You recognize how quickly you are learning. This is because you are to a point where you start connecting things and in a much higher rate.

You start perceiving how seemingly unrelated things are connected and affect each other.

And as much as you do this as faster you learn and ascend above the knowledge you previously had.

While the healing of the emotional body takes time, you are aware of what you go through. You consciously know what you unconsciously heal.

15. You meet someone the Universe sent to teach you something you need to learn.

You may meet someone, an old friend or a stranger the Universe sent to specifically teach you the lessons you need to learn.

Some of these teachings might come in the form of a book they recommend, a movie, public event, or something else entirely.

Challenges or obstacles can also act as teachers. They are sent your way to overcome and conquer.

It’s how you handle these situations that show who you are and how skillful you are in rising above these situations.

16. You have lucid dreams.

Once you are spiritually awakened, your pineal gland is activated.

Known as the third eye, the pineal gland contributes extremely to the production of serotonin and melatonin that regulates your sleeping or waking cycle.

Thus, it contributes to your dream world that gets vivid as this gland purifies and becomes more active.

You might start to experience really vivid dreams or even start controlling your dreams and consciously exploring this world.


Transcending your soul to higher realms of existence makes you the best version of the person you could become.

You live in the same place, on the same planet but in a different world of perception.

You perceive different details and attract better things, you attend to different events and partake in better activities, you meet different people and feel a different state of being.

You naturally create your own paradise on the same planet you previously saw as irreparably flawed.

Wherever you may be on this journey, continue to BE. Sooner or later, you will awaken to your divine and spiritual potential.

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