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6 Planets Are Retrograde This Weekend. Be Extra Careful!

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by Conscious Reminder

If you’re not familiar with astrology, you won’t think much of Retrogrades. But anyone who realizes its worth understands how heavily these periods can impact one’s life.

Retrogrades are the times when the planets in our solar system decide to take a break from their daily chores and enjoy a vacation. But Retrogrades are never fun for us.

September is THE month for Retrogrades, it seems. With multiple planets going in the reverse direction this month, we can expect some potent energies to impact us. Retrogrades have a reputation for bringing bad news, but that is not quite true.

We often just view it under negative light because our plans are not fulfilled. Just because our actions don’t go according to our plan does not mean they are not bringing anything positive in our lives. Often, what we want and what we need are quite far away from each other.

Whenever we think of Retrogrades, we often remember Mercury Retrogrades. Being the planet closest to the Sun, and a personal planet, Mercury’s reverse motion is felt more prominently than others. It is the planet of transportation and communication, so hindrances in these sectors are very impactful. It is the only planet that changes directions three times in a year, so yes don’t blame us if we dread this one!

What Does Retrograde Really Mean?

A planetary Retrograde simply implies that it is slowing down its speed, which causes it to go in the reverse direction over the degrees it has recently transited. Energies go inward during Retrogrades, which is why such phases are great to introspect and reevaluate our lives. Retrogrades are mostly annual occurrences, with the exception of a few planets.

September 2020 Retrogrades

September 2020 will witness 5 planets in Retrograde motion. The first in line is the fiery planet of Mars in Aries, starting 9th September. Next joins Jupiter, which will turn direct on 12th September in the sign of Capricorn. Finally, Saturn will turn direct on 29th September, relieving us from the heavy dose of Retrogrades.

Saturn and Jupiter Retrogrades

Taskmaster Saturn will have one of the most profound impacts this month. Saturn is also known as the Lord of Karma. It sets our boundaries and makes our lives more structured.

If you are experience hardships in your life, its mostly due to Saturn’s influence. Saturn might seem strict and hard to please, but its job is to make us work hard and persevere. It brings plenty of rewards, but we need to be patient till then.

Saturn’s Retrograde started back on 11th May in the sign of Capricorn. Its Retrograde journey usually lasts for about 4 months, during which we are taught the value of hard work and perseverance.

Think back to the themes from May and understand how you have persevered in your professional life. Saturn will help you create new boundaries and structure to improve your life further.

The planet of abundance and the Great Benefic, Jupiter will turn direct a few days before Saturn. Jupiter brings abundance and expands everywhere and will increase the impact of Saturn’s forward motion by the end of the month.

If you have felt stuck in your career or seem to have lost your authority, worry not. By the end of September, these 2 planets will restore them all.

Reflect on what you have learned while these planets have been in Retrogrades. The wisdom you have gained will be soon integrated into your present reality to bring you abundance!

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