Twin Flames: Is It Possible For Them To Fall Out Of Love

by Conscious Reminder

Relationship with a twin flame is one of the most beautiful things in life.

At the same time, it is the hardest one to maintain. If you have met your twin flame, then you have pretty much a good idea of what we are talking about.

They are the deepest love of your life. Actually, they are the twin part of our soul and hence we feel that love.

However, this relationship teaches us a lot and might drain us out of energy too. When one soul resides in two different bodies, both the part receive equal amount of positivity as well as negativity. Accepting each other then becomes really difficult.

When these twins are unable to get in the skin of the other, the real problem starts. People believe that these twin flames end up happily, but is it true?

No, sometimes they don’t find themselves to be able to be together. They fall apart at the end, as their differences overpower the attraction between them. One or both of the partners bear the brunt of it.

We will now discus the ways one can spark the attraction again:

  • Love, love and love. But start loving yourself.
  • Don’t chase. If there is any chance, the runner will come back.
  • Try to be how your twin love wants you to be.
  • The melancholy of your twin must not affect you much. Otherwise, it can create different issues for you on a personal level.
  • Give your twin space. The space is essential in any relationship and you must keep that in mind.
  • Try to change but don’t fake it. They will know that you are faking it.

Parting  your twin flame is not unusual. Yet you must follow the steps aforementioned to try to keep them along. However, if they don’t come back even after this, accept that they are gone.

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