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Awaken Your Soul With The Activation Of The 8:8 Lionsgate Portal

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by Conscious Reminder

Every year around the 8th of August (8th month), our planet, the Sun, and Sirius align to bring us great abundance.

The veil between the spiritual and physical realms becomes thin, which allows potent cosmic energy to flow easily. This is known as the activation of the Lionsgate Portal.

Egypt and its pyramids apparently have a direct connection with this portal and alignment. When Sirius rises in our sky, Orion’s Belt aligns with the Pyramid of Giza directly. When we look up, this alignment makes it appear as if Sirius has moved closer to us.

Being two times bigger than our Sun, Sirius is a potent source of spiritual energy. Sirius is associated with fertility and abundance, and that is what we receive when the portal becomes active.

The reason why the 8:8 Portal is called Lionsgate is that it occurs as the Sun transits in Leo. Representing the presence of the Divine in the Self, the Lion’s energy tells us to access ascension codes and higher consciousness that the two solar bodies are emitting.

The surge of energy activates our DNA and energy field. We get the opportunity to progress on our ascension path as Sirius sends light codes of mastery and ascension our way.

Access The 8:8 Energy

The Lionsgate Portal allows intense and accelerated energy to flow. This energy will bring some life-altering changes for all of us in the coming weeks. If you can own up to these changes, you will find yourself in deeper alignment with the Divine energy.

Why not take a leap to find yourself in harmony with the Universe? Channelize this energy to manifest abundance, growth, and love in your life. Ask the Divine to give you clarity and realign with your Core Truth.

This is the time to trust the Universe. Whatever vibrations you receive, try to return twice of that. Release all your fears, let the Universe take care of your doubts. Focus on manifesting your true desires.

Trust that whatever changes are occurring now will lead you to realign with your spiritual truth, your true power. Only then can you be truly happy and enjoy the blessings of opportunity.

Lionsgate Meditation

We can use meditation to harness the most out of every cosmic event. It’s the same with this event as well. Try meditating just around the time of the activation, that is, on the 8th.

Sit calmly and close your eyes. Try to envision the light that is coming down from above. Feel it activating your Crown Chakra and pushing the energy down. Let the light awaken your higher consciousness.

Transcend the limitation of the physical realm. Let yourself flow into the new realm of crystalline consciousness and light. Your mind, heart, and spirit will experience a new-found harmony.

But for that to happen, first you have to honor your heart’s desires. Follow the path that will lead you to those desires. Let go of doubts and fears, focus only on the love and light.

Free your mind and spirit. Receive the light, and find Freedom, Peace, and the highest vibration of the Divine.

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