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Want To Contact Your Spirit Guide? Try This Meditation

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by Conscious Reminder

What Are Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides, protectors, and Guardian Angels – it’s all the same. They are spiritual beings who are there to guide so that humans can fulfill their earthly purposes. They are also supposed to protect us from dangers – be it accidents or just bad choices.

Every human is different and so are their individual Spiritual Guides. Some may have had physical forms in their past lives, but not all.

Some Guides are there beside us all the time while others visit us when we truly need them. Some Spiritual Guides are ascended masters while others may even be deceased family members looking out for you.

We come into contact with many spiritual beings but not all are Guides. The best way to differentiate is that your Spirit Guide would be always concerned only for your overall well-being. Instead of being an instructor, your Spirit Guide is there only to guide you.

They will bless you with wisdom but you will be free to make your own choices. Irrespective of your choices, they’ll be there to comfort and counsel you.

How To Reach Out?

While they are always there for us, sometimes their contact may be too subtle for the common eye. In order to establish contact with one’s Spirit Guide, one must know the best methods to contact them.

As with most spiritual practices, meditation is the way to go. With focus meditation, it would be easier for you to establish a strong connection with your Spirit Guide.

A conducive environment for meditation is of the utmost importance. Make sure your choice of location is peaceful and devoid of distractions. A candle or incense can also be used for a calm atmosphere if you meditate indoors.

The Practice

1. Sit And Meditate

The most simple way to meditate is just calmly sitting down and focusing on your call to the Spirit Guide. Since Spirit Guides have access to our innermost thoughts, you don’t have to call them out loud.

In your trance of meditation, your Spirit Guide’s form may be visible to your mind’s eye. When you see the form, it’s even possible for you to recognize them.

But some Spirit Guides are just pure energy so they may not have an appearance. You’ll feel their presence, feel them touch you even. You could recognize their presence via some fragrance as well.

At times, you not feel anything at all. Still, you have to trust. Sharpen your focus or even shift your location. Ask the Spirit Guide to tell you what message they have. With or without words, this message can be relayed.

Your Spirit Guide may even use insights or feelings to contact you. It is also possible that you receive your message days after you meditated, even via another person!

There are multiple ways a Spirit Guide may try to reach out to you. All you have to do till then is being alert and perceptive.

And once you are done meditating, don’t forget to thank the Spirit Guide. Just fold your arms, join your palms near your chest and softly whisper “thank you”.

2. Use Chairs

Another way you can meditate is by placing two chairs face to face. You must sit on one and invite your Guide to the other. Let your Guide’s energy take shape on that seat. If in doubt about their presence, ask for some sign.

This sign can be obvious to the eye or there can be subtle signs that they are present, like the smell of flowers. Then follow the process mentioned above. Ask for their message for you and then you can end the session with gratitude.

Once you have finished your session, do not just jump back to your daily activities right away. Take some time to think about your session and meditation.

Take a stroll or write the experience in a diary. If you prefer, you can continue your meditation. But now focus your energy on yourself.

When you are in contact with your Spirit Guide, your life will improve significantly. You will understand your purpose better and your choices will be improved too.

Building a healthy relationship with your Guide would make your life better in many aspects. You will gain a renewed sense of security because now you know your Spirit Guide is always there for you.

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