The Lines On Your Palm Speak Loads About Your Love Life

by Conscious Reminder

Even though people mostly believe in palmistry to discuss their lives and career, one can also decipher one’s possibility for love and romance through the lines on one’s palm.

Let’s see how.

The Mount of Venus

This is located at the base of the thumb and displays the caliber of relationships, whether physical or mental, that you share with friends and family.

A slightly raised mound would be a sign of a nice, healthy relationship. If your mound has a star on it, it means you are in an affectionate marriage, and if the mound consists of a square, it means your parents approve of it.

A healthy pall on the skin would represent that all is well, and you are an honest partner, while the color red would symbolize your impulsiveness towards most things in general. An underdeveloped mound will show signs of a difficult childbirth.

The M

If the letter M is etched onto your palm, you are destined for great things. You contain great entrepreneurial talent and possess solid intuition. You are someone who would never lie and would catch someone if they do, with the help of their heightened intuition.

Women are said to be more intuitive if they have the letter M in their palms. You have the strength to make and bring about a change in your life.

Folk tradition mentions many past prophets and leaders who have had the lines of the M on their palms. So every time you feel inadequate, do not forget that you are destined for greatness.

The Heart Line

The heart line symbolizes passion, emotion, and understanding. People with a longer heart line tend to be more caring in relationships, while people with a shorter one tend to be risk-takers.

People with a short line usually move more towards the luxuries of life, while also being mentally aware.

The Lines of Marriage

There are 2 lines called the lines of sexuality. While one line symbolizes your state of marriage, two would symbolize a healthy sexual relationship with your partner. On the other hand, three lines would highlight the presence of an affair.

One would be considered emotional if their fingertips tend to be heavy. If one has thick fingers towards the baseline, they are considered to be more demanding while in bed.

If the line at the head is prim and proper, it would signify that the partner is caring, even if the relationship isn’t all that good.

So, where do you stand in relation to the lines of your palm?

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