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Is Your Twin Flame Relationship Starting To Feel Negative & Toxic? Here Is What To Do

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Twin flame relationships are seldom easy. But some phases are more difficult to handle than the others. One of these thoughts phases is when you begin to question your entire twin flame relationship because you are not a 100% sure of your own truth.

This is not a very uncommon phenomenon where one or both twin flame start questioning their relationship and think that it is turning toxic and dangerous. Thus begins their journey down a very treacherous path.

This path is capable of engulfing even the strongest souls if they are not wary and this is the reason why only a handful twin flame couples are able to salvage their relationship from the havoc of this path of negativity.

Once they begin on this path of negativity and self doubt, they only see and hear those things which reinforce their own insecurities. They begin by thinking that their twin flame doesn’t love them as much as they do and therefore doesn’t have time for them.

Then they start believing that their twin flame doesn’t even want them anymore and is interested in other men/women. From there, it doesn’t take much time for them to progress to thinking that their twin flame, never loved them and might very well be with their ex flame at this present moment.

If someone allows their thoughts to reach this level of ambiguity and fear, it is natural to progress from there to thinking that their twin flame would be easily forgetting them and cannot wait for this relationship to be over. So much so, that they even begin to question the very truth behind twin flame relationships.

All these thoughts are dark and terrible indeed and can easily reduce a well functioning human into a ball of insecurities and anxiety. This is why it is necessary to control yourself right at the first instant that you started doubting your twin flame and yourself. Because once you begin on this path there is no going back.

If you recognize these symptoms, and think that you have started your journey on this treacherous road, there is hope for you. You need to focus on your love for your twin flame. Remind yourself that if you give in to your fears they will only get multiplied, and exponentially at that.

If you feel yourself being pulled down into this line of thinking, take the following steps.

  • Try becoming aware of your body, as a vessel for your soul.
  • Try to re-establish your connection with the source energy, through the crown chakra.
  • Take energy and stability from Mother Earth by grounding.
  • Try to love yourself, unconditionally. And fill yourself with the love of the universe.
  • Be grateful for the love you experience and also channelize it towards your twin flame.
  • Be grateful for your twin flame too and the journey you two have traversed.
  • Reinforce how happy and grateful you are for your relationship with your twin flame by repeating it out loud.

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