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4 Reasons Why You Need To Forgive And Let Go Of Your Resentments

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by Conscious Reminder

Forgive your past because it serves you no good now. Lead a life full of love and peace. When you forgive others, it is your wounds which heal.

Accept the memories but don’t let them control you. Learn from them but move ahead with the lessons. No one or no memory is strong enough to stop you from reaching your true potential.

Only forgiveness will free you from the pain. Here are 4 reasons why forgiving is the best way to move ahead from your resentments:

1. Take Back Control

When you let go of your resentments, you get your power back. You realize that when you are in control of your life, you are not the victim anymore. You become a creator. Let your past stay in the past. Let go of your negative memories, they are not helping anyone. Let go of it all.

When you release your resentments, the powers return to you from the people or memories which have hurt you. When you forgive errors of yesterday and start living in the present, you accept your Truth. And that is what will give you power and control.

2. Forgive For Your Own Peace Of Mind

Just because someone else was bitter to you or gave you a hard time does not mean you should turn like them. Don’t lose your inner peace for the sake of others.

Let go of the memories which do not serve you anymore. Revenge won’t get you any peace. Only forgiveness can. Set yourself free from the cycle of getting even and find inner peace.

3. Get Busy Living

When you exercise your power of forgiveness, you will feel liberated. Resentment can only hold us back from true peace and happiness. When you forgive, you are free from the shackles of your past and can truly enjoy your present. Life is passing you by, don’t waste it on traumatic thoughts. Return to love and life, you owe that to yourself.

4. Heal Yourself

We all are dealt the bad cards from time to time. What life throws is not as important as how you decide to deal with them. It is your choice how you wish to tackle your pain and how long you want to prolong them.

Embracing an attitude of forgiveness, let go of your resentments. Raise the white flag to your past and see yourself heal for the future. Learn your lessons from the past events but don’t hold them against yourself.

Learn and move on. Letting it all go will heal you towards a better present and future.Apply these to your present life and prepare for a beautiful and fulfilling future.

Forgiveness not only frees the ones who wronged you but it also frees yourself from all the hurt and painful memories. Let love and light take their place!

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