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Fall Equinox On September 22nd/23rd: Contrast Of Energies In The Northern & Southern Hemispheres

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by Conscious Reminder

The 23rd of September would see the Sun positing itself in Libra giving us equal hours of both night and day.

This is called the Equinox, and this September Equinox’s a symbol that we are halfway down this astrological year, and almost about the wrap up our calendar.

Since 2022 is just about to finish, you can deal with it in two ways- one, where you flex your arms and get to the action, and two, where you simply concentrate on your well-being. Either way, it is designed to keep you happy and satisfied.

This month is also going to change the direction our energies flow since there is a change in the seasons as well. The Northern Hemisphere will take on a distinctively feminine note after being in a hyper-masculine state for the entire summer. It is to be noted, that Summer shifts into Autumn now.

While Summer was all about jumping down the track and working our b**t off, the following months are going to be different.

You would feel the energy differently, almost as if Mother Nature is preparing for its end. And you too should let go. Let go of things that don’t matter, and let time and space decide things for you.

The Hemisphere in the South is entirely opposite though- there is a shift from Winter to Spring there, which symbolizes a shift from feminine to masculine energy. In the Winter, you simply curled up on your favorite couch and thought of bold, outrageous ideas that you were too cold and lethargic to work on.

Now, with the leaves blossoming on the trees, you can take your ideas out, and explore them, out in the wide world. Winter was all about dreaming, and manifesting ideas; Spring is all about putting those ideas into action and having a spring in your step!

Although our spatial location does change the magnitude of the impact of the equinox on our lives, we would still be able to feel the two diverging energies coagulating to form one single energy.

The real world is going to give us the duality and we would be able to choose between what’s right, and what’s easy; what’s dark, and what’s light.

The basis of this belief resides in the fact that we are one. There’s no individuality here, we are all the same, the Universe is one, the Soul is one, and only one Energy flows through us. This multiplicity created is simply because we wanted to experience our life in our own ways.

But that doesn’t negate the possibility that everything that you see, touch, or hold, is a fragment of yourself. As they say, we are created by the stars, and to the stars we would return, but simply as one. This notion of one universality is what strengthens the bond of brotherhood and other moral values.

As the Equinox balances every energy around us, we can see that the tree that exists before us is as much us, as we are it. Our friends are us, we are them.

Our lovers are us, we are them. Our enemies are us, and we are them. We are simply freed from living the same life, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the same soul inside us.

The Equinox is a sign for you to take control of the direction your life is swinging in, and take some much-needed balance back into your life. With 9 signs of the cardinal getting ready to help you balance skills like leadership, and innovation, it would really be amiss if you don’t utilize it to the extreme.

Celebrate oneness and equality. For there is too much difference on this planet to keep us happy. Celebrate the notion of being one.

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