Why Empaths & Highly Sensitive People Need Energy Healing?

by Conscious Reminder

You might be someone who has a heavy heart. You don’t like to talk about it, but generally, you have a tendency to feel things more intensely than others.

You are highly aware of this tendency – you just don’t want to talk about it. People tend to shut you down. Even if you have tried to address this issue – maybe by keeping a gratitude journal or talking to others, it just never goes away.

You become a bit depressed. Your heart is always gathering some kind of heaviness. Then, you might be a highly sensitive person (HSP).

If you are an HSP, you might require an energy healing to get rid of this heaviness. Why do you need it?

1. Population

Now, more than ever, we have a lot of people in this world. As an HSP, you are feeling every bit of their suffering within you. Plus, social media has aggravated the situation.

Now, you get news from all over the world and it is frankly depressing. You can’t deal with it. Then, there are people nearby – a neighbor’s pet dying or a friend going through a terrible breakup.

Energy healing will help you piece out these suffering and make a change in how you look at suffering as a whole.

2. Pure Compassion

As an HSP, you are generally very compassionate. You suffer the sufferings of other people and hence, you suffer and be compassionate.

But suffering will only take away a part of you. You will be traumatized, end up with depression and feel terrible. Sometimes, you will be lost as to what to do with this suffering.

You don’t even know how you came by it. Well, with energy healing, you can finally dive within yourself and understand what might the reason behind a certain kind of suffering.

3. Teflon shield

As an HSP, you will feel like a sponge who is constantly absorbing the suffering of other people. Eventually, you will be all soaked up and heavy. Generally, kitchen sponges can be thrown away and replaced, but that’s not what you can do with you.

Rather, what you can do is cover yourself with Teflon so that the sponge can clean itself. Energy healing arms you with that Teflon shield so that you are constantly healing yourself.

4. Asking questions

Sometimes, you are not even aware of what kind of suffering you are taking on. You just absorb endlessly and, in the end, you become a mess.

You have nothing to hold on to. Everything seems a bit clunky. Energy healing can bring the required clarity in your mind which will help you question your priorities.

You will start being more aware of what you take on and also, be aware of what is already present in you. It’s a way to be more self-aware and effective in dealing with your different emotions and feelings.

5. Denying It

It is believed that HSPs are such helpless sponges that they will take on any kind of suffering or energy that they interact with. But that is just not true. An unexperienced HSP may have that possibility.

They do not know how to question anything and hence, they will often absorb all kinds of energy and suffering. However, if you have gone through energy healing, you have a clearer mind.

You can often say, I don’t want this today’ and stop feeling in a certain way. You have more power over yourself.

Energy healing brings self-empowerment to Highly Sensitive People. It can be truly transforming.

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