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How The Planetary Movements Will Affect You During The Remaining 4 Months Of 2019?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The year is about to end soon, but it still has a lot in store for all of us. And September is known for always bringing out interesting things for us.

With the Full Moon on 14th September, and Venus positing itself in Libra, there is a shift taking place. For the uninitiated, Venus when in Libra ignites a sense of passion inside us.

This passion takes us to new levels for whatever we want to get through, and also finds new people falling for us.

From 18th, we would be experiencing planetary shifts which might not be that serious, but still would have an effect on us.

With Saturn turning direct, the Sun positing in Libra, a New Moon, and even Pluto turning direct, October would be beset with us trying to deal with our emotional proclivities. We will grow the next month, to unparalleled levels.

Every month for the remaining part of this year is going to teach you something or the other. With October, the Full Moon is going to bring out your rawest moment. For others, it could simply be a side character in a major story.

Whatever it be, it is sure to get one into the mood. But take note, that by the end of October, Mercury is turning retrograde so take care of your communication.

The last two months are either going to be simple for you, or you might turn into a workaholic. The major events would be a Taurean Full Moon, and a Sagittarian New Moon.

Also, you would find the Moon positing itself into Sagittarius and a New Moon within Gemini. While not as perfect, you could still trudge through.

So, are you ready for the rest of the year? For, while the energy of the upcoming months might not be the best to deal with, they won’t outright harm you.

You still need to face them and lead them to help you in your growth as an individual which you never thought of. Celestial events keep impacting us, you simply need to make sure that you are at the right place.

As it goes, take breaks when you feel that you are rushing too fast. Nothing bad is going to happen with a small break. You are just one individual, and it is natural that you can face certain problems in your way.

Don’t worry about the Universe. If you see within yourself and see where you stand, then tomorrow doesn’t seem too harsh, does it?

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