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Learn To Be Less Available And Take Care Of Yourself First

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The world is getting smaller with each passing day. Social circles are expanding and our lives are becoming increasingly open because of social media.

Now is the time for us to learn to prioritize our energies. Unavailability is the answer.

Unavailability’s popular image seems to be pretending to be hard to get-acting disinterested, being aloof, and calculating when to respond to texts. But that is misguided, not to mention, immature.

The first step in being unavailable is to recognize that there are people who are draining. Instead of being energized and full of life after spending time with them, you feel zapped.

Think of these people as an infestation, who enter your life, make it more difficult, and then don’t leave. Instead, surround yourself with people who magnify good vibes, because the energies you surround yourself with matter a lot.

In order to be unavailable, cut out the critical people who are unappreciative of you. They can be people who claim to love you but are never available when their help is needed. These people could also be the ones who don’t show up or stand up for you.

What their behavior suggests is simple: they may like you, but they aren’t afraid to lose you. Love isn’t love without appreciation and respect. So don’t settle for less.

To learn to be unavailable is to put a stop to toxic cyclical relationships. There are always those people in our lives with unpalatable personalities or behaviors. They promise to change, but despite being given endless chances, they never do.

Instead, you will be left carrying the weight of their baggage- and they will be unapologetic about it. Your relationship with them follows a predictable pattern. With these people, you will always be stuck in a vicious cycle of disappointment.

Practicing unavailability seems like a difficult pill to swallow. Haven’t we been taught all our lives to be welcoming, forgiving, and social? But recognize that unavailability is not offensive or self-centered, but necessary in the modern world.

Albert Einstein once defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome”.

These noxious relationships can drive you insane, pulling you in like quicksand in the same tiring repetitions. When you are being unavailable to others, it means you are learning to create a good environment for yourself.

It includes being unavailable to some people with negative energies in specific situations. People are great, but that doesn’t mean all people are always great for you.

Practicing unavailability is necessary to ensure you thrive, be happy, and grow. And by being unavailable, you will find that you grow closer to the genuine people in your life and head towards where you need to be.

Has being unavailable in some relationships ever helped you? Leave a comment below to let us know.

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