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If You Are One Of These Zodiac Signs, Mercury Retrograde Might Affect Your Career

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by Conscious Reminder

Mercury Retrograde is a time of chaos as our communication system, technology, time, and thought process glitches. It’s hard on our personal relationships, but it is even harder for our professional life.

Given that the world has stopped still because of the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are working from home. Technology and communication glitches will be even more frustrating for people working online.

Here are five zodiacs that need to be extra cautious about their career during this Mercury Retrograde.


You are a practical earth sign, and you are naturally practical and pragmatic. Making schedules and sticking to them is not an issue for you. But, during this Mercury Retrograde, your skills might get weak. Double-check all your work details, even the smallest ones.


You will be experiencing a lot of opposing emotions. The Mercury Retrograde, which started on 18th June, is influencing your house of money. So, you might experience impulsive urges to go on a shopping spree. Block those impulses. You might also be feeling a little dissatisfied with your current workplace. Do not make any decisions till after this Retrograde ends.


Things will be a little chaotic in your work life. There is a high chance of your team members misinterpreting your requests and instructions. Just remember that everyone is on the edge of their seat right now. Be patient.


Your professional life will be very active during this Mercury Retrograde. However, an activity could also mean a downfall. It is on your hands to see that things are balanced. Do not think of changing your career line right now. New projects are unlikely to succeed at this point. What you can do is maintain your current position or work on completing old endeavors.


Things will feel chaotic right now. You won’t be able to follow your regular routine or make time to learn new skills. Don’t worry. Trying to do things faster will only further aggravate your situation. Instead, focus on reorganizing your life. Take things slowly.

Be calm, be patient, and you will come out stronger.

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