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Experience Are The Greatest Teacher In Your Life

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

As a kid, we are always getting told what we should do or should not do. We are warned about certain experiences. They would harm us or hurt us.

The warnings do matter. We believe it shapes who we are. But do they really have an effect on us or on how we deal with life?

Warnings are external – it is like a hovering spirit that’s outside of us. We can learn from it, try and be careful, but it cannot really mold who we are. Being warned about something and experiencing it, are two completely different things.

When you are warned about it – you just know that some kind of ‘bad’ experience exists. If you see the sure signs of it, you would like to go around it. But it won’t actually have a major effect on you.

In the end, you will start forgetting that it actually exists. You will think of it as something that can never affect you and is not worth remembering.

On the other hand, when you actually experience something, you grow with it. It becomes a part of who you are and develops a different version of you. When you experience something, the warning fades away – it becomes all too real.

For example, you may have heard what a heartbreak feels like. You may have read about the red flags. But that doesn’t stop you from falling for a person who might have only partially hidden their red flags.

You fall in love, you end up getting heartbroken, and finally, you feel what the ‘Pain of Heartbreak’ is. Only by experiencing it can you really grow better.

Learning about struggles cannot help you grow. When you actually face a situation, experience it, you will start to find solutions for it.

Only when you end up in a critical situation will you be able to judge it properly, use your brain to find solutions and then, start making a move for the better. A warning does not do anything.

Neither will the stories of struggles help you. Every person has a unique way of approaching a certain problem. You will have your own way too.

So, don’t let warnings stop you from experiencing life. Remember, life is the greatest teacher – you just have to experience it. That’s the source of all lessons and subsequent growth.

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